Holland & Barrett Alovera Colon Cleanse

hi, everyone ,double up with abdo pain for approx 10 hrs a day ive had all the usual tests ,also had Rectopexy last Dec ,this hasnt cured my pain,gastrologist & gp baffled ,last year in hosp 8days ,also A & e ,fobbed off with Paracetamol!on Tramadol,docusate, lactolouse,paracetamol,dicloverine,buscopan,mebeverineNothing works ,at my wits end!! have bought Holland & Barrett Alovera Colon Cleanse Tablets bottle contains 60 .one a day,seems to me 60days is a long time to cleanse colon.would be very grateful to know if anyone has tried these & did they help or not?any advice on pain manage ment most welcome too.thanks in advance

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  • Dr Jensens book Guide to Better Bowel Health helped me. Good luck anyway

  • Holland and Barrett products.? Hmm!

    You still have to read their ingredients lists all too carefully to know what they are selling you!

    Upon my visit to the local store I consulted the assistant, obviously untrained, and unwilling to leave her paper-work and shelf-stacking,. She hadn't even heard of the main exclusion diets, including FODMAP, and thought the limit of requirement for digestive distress was---"ah. You mean "Gluten free"."

    So, Tigga. Your pain. It really is excruciating and inescapable by the sound of it. Also I dare say it impinges on your family and any social life you may dream of having. You have my sympathy.

    I am desperate too. I'm starting to follow the low-FODMAP diet, to trace any triggers to IBS-type pain. I've been doing this for a few days now and will keep the blog informed how it goes.

    The idea has been researched in both Australian and American University Dietetics depts. and thoroughly tested.

    Their lists of foods containing certain chemicals/elements tells you what you can eat, and what to avoid. It's a genuine scheme and NOT a crank diet to tinker around with.

    It's free, though you may choose to spend on a limited number of substitute foods. Otherwise, all easy and reasonably non-depriving. There's still alcohol and some chocolates!

    To find full details look up Dr, Sue Shepherd, "The Complete Low Fodmap Diet" ISBN978-0-09-195535-9, or "The Fodmap Solution" (Shasta Press ISBN978-1-62315-350-2) I ordered mine from the library.

    I have no financial interest in these publications, btw.

    Might you try it? What do we have to lose?

    Best wishes

  • Definitely going to try this!!! Thank you. X

  • Before i realised my IBS was through eating Fructose & Lactose, i tried Aloe Vera and was so ill after.If it is Fructose Intollerence you have you need to check the labels on every thing you eat. Apples &pears are the worst fruits to eat.I live on Potatoes (not Baked) meat, Fish , Chips ,Eggs & white Bread .I have Lactose free milk & spread & cheese. But you also have to check Medicines ,there is Lactose in Omeprazol anything that ends in Ose or Ole ,i will not have, Even toothpaste and mouth wash have Sorbitol in .I have had Ibs for 30 years but knew what i could not eat Tomatoes, Jacket Potatoes, Onions and Chocolate . I had a healthy diet loved Salad and fruit , but since having my Gall bladder out two years ago i can,t eat fruit (only berries) or Veg ,or Fruit Juice , or yogurts, and the dr,s say it,s only Ibs.

  • thanks to sammy200 &cchris & polly 2000! have to agree about H & B Staff being clueless & ill look into diet info .i havent been offically diagnosed with i b s,as one dct said i b s wouldnt make you in pain daily for over 19mnths (me) &added i b s has flare ups from time to time,anyone agree or disagree? heres hoping all members to this site gets some respite from pain!

  • Hi Tigga,I know it's been a long time,but I just wondered how you were doing?

  • hi Gemini! thanks for asking.still the excrucating pain daily.no motivation at all.under the pain clinic which has given me pain patches & doubled dose of Gabapentin & Oramorph( not received the patches as yet).very depressed on Citapram, ive got v nice Prof/Gastrologist who said he will get to the bottom of my pain.i feel all these pain meds are masking the under lying cause,desperate for a diagnosis! ive just started taking a Probiotic 10 billion friendly bacteria the money ive spent on trying to help is ridiculous.its good to hear from someone who understands the pain caused After a b m.how are you at the moment? ,any ops or new meds etc? Ann

  • Hi Ann,I'm still in the same position as you.Pain daily,gets worse after BM which is after every time I eat. Like you I've spent a fortune on stuff to try. As you say I think they give you drugs to just put a plaster on it,rather than find the cause,but watch that,because I'm now on two drugs I can't get off,because I was being told give them a little longer,but they do nothing,Pregablin was one,and I've been on them now for 10yrs.Now I give something a month if it don't do any good I stop it.

    I don't want to dampen your spirits,but I don't know how many times I've been told "I'll get to the bottom of it".

    I've been seeing one of the top Proffesor in the country,he gave me Oramorph,it did know good,he's done two MRI scans on my back thinking it may be a trapped nerve,that turned out no,I see him again 23rd of the month,he also tried hypnotherapy .

    On Monday my GP (who's useless) has sent me to see a Colectrecal specialist for another colonoscopy,but that's not going to happen the last one nearly killed me. But there's a lady on the forum,who suggested to me another test that in her oppinion is better,and without pain,so I'm going to chat with him about that. As for the pain it's just getting worse,more so towards the end of the day,I've just got over my first water infection,and never having one I didn't know they cause stomach pain,wow have I been in some pain,especially Haveing to take antibiotics. Because I have so many BM my GP thinks I may have a prolapse bowel,just to add to the mix.

    Please write back to me,because we may have a lot in common,and Ann,watch what drugs they give you,your like me you want answers not drugs. Xx

  • hi, v sorry because like me you havent pain relieve.are you attending a Pain clinic ?or due for any more tests? this pain after a bm is ruling my life ,hot water bottle surgically attached!i wish i could have some advice to help you .unlike you my pain is bearable in the evening & 9 times out of 10 painfree in the evening, when i catch up on small household chores.do you know the name of the test that a member of the forum suggested?, & i agree all these drugs (which dont kill the pain) are like sticking a plaster on a gaping wound! nice to keep in touch & its a long shot but between us we may help/advise one another .take care! x

  • The Test,was a MRI defecateing Proctogram, she says it gives more information than a colonoscopy.

    Her name is Rosie 218,and she seems to quite helpful,maybe try and look her up. She also mentioned a colongraphy,so these are two tests I will metion to this Colectrecal specialist tomorrow.

    I have seen a pain doctor,but he was no help,but there again Ann,if Tramadol,Oramorph ect ect,I don't think much will work,for some people them are strong drugs and make them slightly out of it,which I don't want,you can't spend life in a comatose state,but like I say they never even done that for me.

    My hubby always says I have a stron constitution,if he just has half a Diazapam he can sleep for 10hrs.

    That's what I take mainly at night when I'm watching TV,especially if the pain makes me anxious.

    I also have a water bottle continuously,I could do with a hot water bottle attached to the front,and a toilet attached to the back.

    Seriously I do understand how you feel,because I also feel this is so debilitating, it's ruined my life.

    But I also feel when you tell anyone being,friends,family,or even the medical fraternity they think your just exaggerating.

    Anyway maybe if you try to find Rosie,she may be of some help,she's been through a lot herself.

    I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow ,but I'm not holing my breath. Keep in contact as will I.

  • hi,i have had the same test which led me to having a Rectoplexy op which didnt make any difference.i too dont get spaced out with Oramorph/Gapapentin etc thank goodness,& ask myself why bother taking them when they dont stop the pain!& yes friends & family think its a bit of stomach ache(if only!)do i just Google Rosie 218? im in Leeds Yorkshire.let me know how & if your g.oing ahead with tests.x

  • hi,ive seen Rosie 218 ,god knows why i asked if i had to google her! another senior moment!

  • Or stressed moment.good luck.

  • Much pain due t wind trapped by spasm so though instinct says. Curl up keep moving.

    Try a colpermin before you eat and if really insupportable hot water bottle on belly and lower back.Yoga breathing helps limit pain

    What you eat has to be by trial an error,I cannot take some of Fodmap foods

  • thank you MaggieJemima,thanks for your advise! i do take colpermin /mebeverine before meals & hot water bottle permantly attached , have tried breathing exercise/massage but not tried Yoga breathing ,will look into it,many thanks.

  • My wife has similar problems with colossal wind constipation and extreme pain issues on no wheat diet and other complications . Spends hours each day rubbing. And massaging tummy to no avail in orde to assist wind escape via th rectumIt seem to be amazing that the medical profession are baffled which in basic terms are problems involving a Tube internally

  • Hi there, Have suggested this 'worth a try before'. I take something called Easyfibre CLEANSE (!) from Healthspan and it really helps with constipation and wind. It seems to have a calming effect. I don't have any pain after 2 days of taking it. In the meantime there's Slippery Elm from a health food shop which calms the stomach and more. It's worth looking up the latter and I definitely try the Easyfibre.

    Good luck!

  • thanks for your suggestion Mreen,worth a try ,may i ask if can take both together or is it either/or?

  • I took the slippery elm (and fybogel) while I waited for the fibre cleanse stuff as you need to order it from Healthspan. I was advised to take a teaspoon of slippery elm in water 15 mins before a meal. Then I took the fybogel twice a day afterward meals, (the latter too sweet and very expensive) When I got my fibre cleanse I stopped the other two. Took the latter as recommended.

    Hope that makes sense! Good Luck to your wife.

  • thanks very much for your reply Mreen gotta give these a try regards Tigga

  • sorry to hear about your wife ,i presume shes had all different meds/test like myself,heres hoping the medical profession will take this pain more seriously in the future,i myself am waiting for appointment at pain clinic(been 12 wk waiting!) hope they can treat me with something other than painkillers which dont help .

  • I think I have had a different experience than some of the ones that have had luck with a cleanse.

    I find that a cleanse actually irritates my IBS symptoms, and because my gut does not make good bacterium, it washes what good bacterium I do have leaving me highly susceptible to bowel infection, again making my IBS worse. My Gastroenterologist has warned me to stay away from any such products. My very first IBS attack ever started after a cleanse, and I have been in turmoil ever since.

    Please consult your Gasterontologist and ask their opinion on doing a cleanse first.

  • very interesting Hobbits,may need to stop taking the cleanse,as its 2& half mnths before i see Gastroenterologist again.meanwhile still waiting for Slow Transit Marker Test & Pain Clinic appointments.no life ,just exsisting in excruiating pain !thank you very much for your advise & hope you too find a treatment that relieves your symptoms asap.

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