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Hi all any advice on Amptriptyline

Hi all, any advice on Amptriptyline for IBS-C / Anxiety?

I have had to come off Fluoxetine, as it upset my tummy.

My constipation is not the case of the stool difficult to pass, but I only go a tiny amount, even strong laxatives do not remove most of the build up.

I believe the anxiety has just made my bowl say NO, I am not going to work until you calm down, ( easier said than done! )

I realise I must now look into relaxation techniques as well as antidepressants.

The FODMAP diet and probiotics worked well for a time, but not any more.

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Hi, I was on amptriptyline for my Ibs/anxiety and I found it helped me when I had the problems which were the same as yours. My Ibs has flared again big time and I am gonna ask if I can go back on it.

Hope this helps.


Hi, ive recently gone on amitripyline although my problem is exactly

the opposite of yours. I have found it has worked well at keeping me

calm but at first it left me a bit woozy in the morning but I quickly

adapted to it and now feel alright. I got some advice about a supplement

which you may fine useful called ' fibre clear'. It could be quite helpful

for you, so maybe you could have a look at it.


I was on it for a year or so for nerve pain (amputation related not IBS) and I'm surprised to hear it is used for IBSC as my gastro specialist told me it slows your digestion down and can cause constipation. Had to give me extra prep sachets before my colonoscopy due to it?

I won't go into how I was on the stuff as I think I had a particularly bad time and ended up on a relatively high dose (40-50mg) so probably not a fair example.


I believe you have a sluggish bowel or incomplete evacuation which is what I have. Mine is caused by an intolerance to certain chemicals both natural and artificial in food and products. Let me know if you want further info.


Hello swishymichy, I have your issue I think- bloating and constipation for three years now. What have you found that helps? For bloating?


Hi MwBM, Do you think it could be it would be useful to me as need

to slow down my digestion. I went on line to have a look, but I thought

from reading that it was more for people who are C and my problem

is the opposite. I would appreciate your view as someone who has taken



shirlygirly - Looking online it is has been prescribed to other for IBS-D as a last resort so i imagine it might be worth talking to your GP about.

Depends what other things you've tried. I would personally say if you have tried everything else, and i mean everything else, then it might be worth a go.

Amptriptaline can make you feel drowsy/sleepy, you have to build the levels up in your system so you won't notice a difference over night... you have to stick with it for at least 6-8 weeks. Some people get over the initial side effects and then are fine on it. I struggled through my whole year on it with horrible side effects, but at the end of the day it did solve my problem (i was put on it for phantom nerve pain after chopping a finger off).


Hi thank you all for your replies. I have a doctors appointment next week and will enquire about the Amptriptyline, I think it is worth a try.


Hi swishymichy, yes I have asked you about chemical intolerances in the past. I just wondered if you think stress / anxiety has caused your tummy to react to the substances, as I believe that my anxiety has made my tummy very sensitive to many foods.I am going to try another antidepressant, to see if can help with the anxiety, then see how things go. I will bear the chemical intolerances in mind.

Hope you are still keeping well.


Stress lowers the threshold of Intolerances. Anxiety and tension are a result of suffering the symptoms in my experience. I don't take any drugs. If you do have a chemical intolerance you need to avoid what's causing the reactions as there us nothing you can take to cure it. I am so much better when I avoid chemicals. I hope you find your answers soon.


Hi swishymichy, this IBS is a mine field! and time consuming looking into all the avenues to help ourselves. My anxiety I believe is due to past experiences, my siblings also have similar problems. I should have tried medication years ago, but always felt I that it was the wrong route to follow. I will still keep in mind your advice.


I was put on that for IBS-D - i didn't get on with it - I found it gave me a bad taste in my mouth all the time.


Amitriptyline is, I have been told by a couple of GPs, only an antidepressant on does exceeding 75mg. Below that it is used as a sedative and also used for pain relief.

Relaxation is good but don't think that because you are taking Amitriptyline you are depressed (cheesed off yes). Possibly your stools are compacting but this is for a doctor to diagnose.

Some people find exercise good but as others have said IBS is a minefield and personal to you in how you react to different treatments.


Thank you for your replies, yes tomg35 I am definitely not depressed. Hopefully my doctor will suggest another type of antidepressant that will suit me.

Started on my home hypnotherapy CD again, just got to keep up with it. 😀


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