Hi I've been taking amptriptyline 25mg for 15 years but last 6 months have become really constipated. Don't know whether to try stopping ampriptyline as I know it's suppose to make you stop having diarrhea which is what I use to have. I've tried the magnesium but gives me terrible stomach cramps and wind. Anyone been on amptriptyline for a long time? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks

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  • amitriptyline is a sedative - I'm not aware of it being for diarrhoea, is there something else you are taking (e.g. codeine)?

  • No nothing else and yes it is known to treat ibs d. Lots of people take it. Thanks for replying

  • Well you learn something new everyday. I checked a couple of reputable websites and none mention its use for diarrhoea. Don't worry that the NHS site mentions depression. Amitriptyline is only effective as an anti-depressant with does exceeding 75mg below that its a sedative to calm the body and for pain relief. 25mg/5ml oral solution sugar free

  • Thank you

  • One of the side effects of amytrpterlin is constipation. But as you have been on it for so long it might not be related so think if anything has changed diet environment stress. I'd certainly think about going to the gp for a check up and look into a slow release laxative like laxido. As you might just need a maintenance dose in the short term. How are you symptoms doing do you think you could reduce as stopping after such a long time there might be some side effects coming off them.

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm trying slowly reducing it as side effects of coming are really bad. I'm getting to stage where less tablets are better for me I think!!

  • Try being old fashioned with prunes,figs and orange juice undiluted

  • I would urge you to have plenty of drinks and high fibre diet and be

    very careful not to strain when going to the toilet.

  • Hi used to take it ok.then stopped as I didn't need it anymore.tried again when ibs got bad an made constipated.suggest 1 tab every other day an takenormacol with lots of water.or bad IBS today nothing helping. Meberine.zydol.paractmol.heat or .suspected raw tomato an stress of rush to hospital 70 miles at 4am for sick daughter.cant sleep dedpiteno sleep for 24hrs even though daughter is is home an safe.I'm trying intolerencrd testing 100 food s an get bit d level checked as can cause probs and also bicarb test to see if stomach acud is adequate.hope some of this is useful to you.typing at 2am as cant get to sleep.dont mean to be rude but making love can help with IBS.not for me as my wife is exhausted over stress of our daughter

    Such is lufeat times.have heard mixed results on slo Vera some times better for a few months then sometimes worse according to a doctor friend of mine.maybe sorbitol preserve gives the problem with it. I'm on a low fibre diet very little caffeine no vegetable skins or fruit peel no onions mushrooms garlic or cabbage.cauliflower broccoli or Brussels.avoid prawns n cold pasta all these five me ibs.hope a clue here for you.god bless graham

  • Thanks for your reply. You poor thing hope you feel better soon, it's horrible when nothing works!!

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