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Hi guys,

I know I haven't been on here for ages, but I just wanted to tell you that I am finally on my way to a deffinet diagnosis! After months of being passed around to different specialists with them saying all I have is ibs and if I just lose some weight my bloating would be better this gastroenterologist who I saw this morning has finally acknowledged that this bloating isn't normal and that he is actually quite concerned about it and wants me to get a x-Ray ASAP.

All my symptoms have gotten so much worse since my colonoscopy in November that I have ended up havering diarrohea for 5 weeks and all my bowel pain, that this new gastro guy has put me on steroids for ulcerative colitis! He said if those don't work I will have to get a MRI and probably another colonoscopy. I am just so happy that this doctor has finally listened to me.

So finally, ulcerative colitis it is!

Is there any one out there who has ulcerative colitis and had found certain things that help you?

Thank you,


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Just seen your post.

Keep off all dairy related food.

Primarily cows milk and cheese.

See if this helps.

Go for goats cheese, fresh almond milk is good too.

Also may be keep off wheat related foods too

All the best Sandra


Thank you for your help. I'll make sure I try to stay away from those things!




Im sure your get better with staying off cows milk related foods.

All the best,




This may also help you.

Although for IBS related Im sure it has significance as my father had UC. ibsgroup.org/brochures/fodm...

All the best,



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