The word I dreaded hearing....Colonoscopy

After having my previous 2 appointments cancelled for Colorectal, I finally had my appointment this morning.

He said, after reading my doctors notes i should have a Colonoscopy. It sounds like i have IBS, Polyps & a little Colitis but the only way to know for sure is through having the colonoscopy.

My heart sank, i'd dreaded hearing the word Colonoscopy, although i did think i would be having it today and that led to 3-4 hours sleep last night.

I'm just waiting for my appointment now, he told me not to worry about it and that i can have sedation or gas and air but both of them come with problems.

I know things are never as bad as you think they'll be but i'm genuinely terrified of the pain and the thought of the tube, even more so than what they might find or the diagnosis ( on my last post i mentioned that i have inflammation and IBS doesn't cause that so i'm not to sure what it is maybe it's just the Polyps and Colitis!?!)

I know it needs to be done and to a certain extent i want it done. Finally after years of suffering to have some answers but at the same time i'm terrified so any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated, also, can anyone give my advice on whether to have the Sedation or gas & air please?

Thanks in advance, NiKKI

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  • Sedation

    Ask for a laxative thar does not involve nasty taste and too much liquid to avoid nausea and vomiting the night before

    Start the exclusion diet at least five days before

    No fibre

    No pulses

    Little fat

    Plenty rice pasta biscottes boiled eggs

  • You should have been given a product that will 'clear' you out so that the docs can get a good look at your gut

    Also a plain diet of chicken, fish, white bread and say cornflakes for a breakfast cereal

    You will be slughtly sedated because you will have to respond to the docs

    Believe me it's not as bad as you think it will be - when I went for my test my BP was over 200 !!!

    Of course you're nervous, that's only natural but it will let you know what's going on in your gut and appropriate treatment can be given

  • I had colonoscopy and as far as I was concerned there was no pain whatsoever. You will be given a sheet with what diet to follow for one or two days plus some stuff to drink which gives you diarhoea for about 12 hours before. Again not painful just be near a loo.

    Good luck and don't worry.

  • I had one done no problems nothing to worry about, did not need any medication to have it done. Ended being told I have colitis, so just have to watch what I eat. Best of luck.

  • hi nikkie just to put your mind at ease. ive had all the oscopies there nothing to worry about a little uncomfortable but doesnt hurt i didnt have aneasectic they found what i call like a sm. coliflower few polyps all together get very painfull doooos at times sweating with pain and almost passing out lossed a lot of blood too but docs. said everything is normal i havent been given anything so im now watching what i eat hope this helps dont worry.medical 73

  • Well I have had many colonoscopies and found them extremely painful even with fairly powerful sedation, if there is inflammation and/or any kinks or narrowing it will hurt going round the bends. A lot depends on the doctor on the other end, my Consultant is very good but I have had others that just shouldn't be doing them ! Definitely have sedation and don't be afraid to ask for a top up if needed.

  • I'm glad I'm not the first here to say how painful I found my colonoscopy to be! The "kinks" were the worst, they had to get a nurse to lean on me so they could get the tube round the bends. I didn't have sedation, just gas & air so I made the most of it - wonderful stuff! I could still feel the pain but I didn't really care:-)

    I had been dreading the preparation but honestly found that to be no problem, and the peace of mind after having the colonoscopy done was worth it all. I wouldn't hesitate to have another one - the pain does not last long & the whole thing was done in about 30 minutes.

  • Hi I had a Colonoscopy earlier this year after months of worrying......the unknown is the worst part or perhaps the jollop you have to take beforehand, I used a straw to drink the stuff it was a lot easier than drinking normally. It was certainly not as bad as what I thought it would be did nt feel the tube go in. Bit uncomfortable at times but bearable. I was advised beforehand to have every sedation offered and that is what I did. No after effects. Hope this helps and all goes well.

  • I didn't have the right stuff to clear me out the first time, so it ended up being really uncomfortable and a waste of time! The second time i insisted on anathaesthic, which was much better, easy and no pain! This was not in UK though, not sure if you can insist on it anywhere

  • I had a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy yesterday under sedation and it was all fine. If I was only having the colonoscopy I wouldn't have bothered with sedation as I had that before without even gas & air. There was no pain for that, the worst bit is the clearing out of the bowel the day before but even that isn't bad, just uncomfortable.

    Try not to worry about it as it really isn't bad.

  • If its any consolation I've suffered from colitis since 1987. Things have improved greatly they used to put a water in a tube to clear you out, that what bad. They give medicine now to clear you. They also sedate you before the procedure. 1987-2016 10-15 colonoscopy's deep joy :) At least they might find out what's going on. :)

  • Hi Nik, I had this a year ago, went for sedation & the procedure was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Best of luck

  • Hi everyone! Sorry for not replying sooner been a busy week last week. Thanks for all the advice, I have decided to have the Sedation just in case. I have arranged to stay with my mum afterwards and will get the day before, after and day of the Op off work with full pay :) just waiting for my appointment to come through now. still feeling very nervous about the whole thing but i just keep reminding myself that afterwards, i'll know what it is and finally have the treatment i need to stop or minimise the symptoms etc.

    I had my first accident whilst i was on my way home from work last week and it got me really down so i think that's focused me on getting it done and over with although that will probably change on the day.

  • Hi Nikki

    It really isn't that bad I had one on Wednesday afternoon last week, I went for a couple of puffs of the gas and air and was fine. After hubby picking me up we were in tesco shopping within an hour. I did have the next day off work because I felt like I still needed to be close to a toilet and went back on the Friday. Hope all goes well for you.

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