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I have had IBS for many years, apparently! Over the last year it has been far worse than ever. I have CFS/Fibromyalgia too and I paid out to have Intolerences blood test done last August. This showed that I was intolerant to cows milk, sour milk, eggs, raspberries, garlic, linseed, pistachios and I have avoided all of these for the time frame required. Eggs are still not allowed!

I wanted to know if anyone with IBS has pain in their rib after eating? And feeling of fullness after eating a small amount? My GP is now saying it may be gallstones? But would this still cause diarrhoea almost immediately after eating with no certain triggers?

Any help appreciated. I have had a sigmoidoscopy and have some diverticulitis.

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Some days ago im sure someone else was complaining of rib pain

im certain, I hope they see your post.

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I do not suffer from IBS but have had gall stones and had my gall bladder removed. I did not get any problems either during or after an attack with my bowels. Are you sure you are not compacted? If your gut is full that may explain the 'only being able to eat small amounts before you are full' and the diarrhoea. I don't know about it being immediately. Have you ever had a colonoscopy?

It may also explain the pain under your rib, it may be that is where the blockage is. It may be kinked and only allowing small amounts through.

The best solution for this would be to see a good osteopath who would be able to feel if you have a kink and straighten it out. Alternatively you could risk the pain and have a deep massage to get things moving.

Only you can tell if this is what it may or may not be and I am only giving a suggestion based on my limited knowledge.

I feel the reason you are questioning if it could be gall bladder is because you don't think it is. When I was told it was my gall bladder causing the very severe pains, it made sense. So go with your instincts and eliminate other things first. From reading posts on here it seems that having the gall bladder removed causes more problems than it fixes. So you need to be sure that is what it is before you go ahead with it.

Hope you find a solution soon.


No I don't think I am compacted, had upset tum too much to be this! rib pain is relatively new, started after eating a scone, after being dairy free for 6 months due to intolerance! So gallbladder makes sense from that point, Was just wondering if upset tum was part of gallbladder problems. No not had a colonoscopy. Thank you for your reply though


Hello Jayton, what blood test did you take? Do you think it was beneficial and has the results given been accurate? I'm looking at tests but there seems to several including blood, hair, electrical pulses and I don't know which to try first. Thanks


I used medichek which was a very good experience all round. I did a wellwoman test then a thyroid check as a result on wellwoman was low! not managed to get to gp yet but saw my consultant and he put me on vitamin D pills as that was low too. Good luck


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