anyone got issues with eggs and IBS?

Hi. I am just wondering if anyone's got issues with eggs and IBS? I am on IBS network Facebook page and apparently people do have issues with eggs/egg yolk? An omelette, then after I had scrambled eggs on toast both sent me straight to toilet recently. My Dr said eggs shouldn't but seems to be divided opinion on with IBS suffers suggesting eggs are a no no. Opinions please?

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  • Hi there! Yeah I have had that before actually! Do you eat lots of eggs or on daily basis? I used to get it cos I ate them all the time.I find now I can eat them now and again but I'd never eat plain scrambled eggs or plain omelette now I always have them with some meat or something in them and that seems help alot.Another tip is to not use anything very oily to cook them. I now use that spray on olive oil and am ok with that but when I used vegetable or sunflower oil I felt very ill I found out it could have been the oil that was making me feel sickly,also bread cna make me feel bloated also. I would maybe try a boiled egg in salad with tuna or something similar and see if you can be ok with that.

  • Thank you for that opinion and suggestion, will give that a go

  • I have found normal eggs really play havoc, free range used to be ok but started to bother me as well, so far organic eggs are the only way I can enjoy them without any problems.

  • Very common for IBS sufferers to not react well to eggs.. sadly.. as I used to love them..

  • I too have recently started having problems with eggs. Used to have poached eggs most days now if I eat them I am doubled up within minutes followed by an hour on toilet !

  • Have odd egg boiled to counteract loose BM

    tolerate scrambled

    Have probs with oil from veg,oil seed rape,palm

    Only use oil or little butter

  • I can tolerate eggs cooked anyway but hard boiled

  • I love eggs but can't tolerate them at all - even a small amount in cakes etc sends me running

  • I haven't been able to eat eggs for years without running to the toilet soon after. I have also found that my doctor and even the nutritionist I was sent to, didn't know squat about IBS.

  • Eggs are one of the few things that cause no issues at all for me.

  • Probably not a helpful comment but I have IBS-D and find that egg is one of my safest foods (eg an omelette before I travel to London for an hour and a half in the car means that I don't have to take an imodium before I go).

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