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Right sided colon pain


I am suffering very bad pain, mainly under right ribs, but also lower down. I have had constipation since my teens, now almost 40 years. The medical profession don't seem able to help and just prescribe the same old medicines. I had an ultrasound recently which was all O.K. but no relief gained from this constant pain. It is getting me down and I don't know what to do next. If anyone has had any similar symptoms, please get in touch.

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I have been constipated since I was a baby and it’s a horrible condition. If it isn’t under control you need to seek assistance from your GP. I have worked my way through many different medications as they work for so long, then my body gets used to them, I presume everyone is the same. Have you tried:-






I am on a combination of the last two which is working for me, at the moment. Please don’t suffer in silence, as I tried that once and it created a bigger problem, which gave me three years of pain and needed an operation to solve. Good luck

Hi, Thanks for replying. I have tried Movicol, Laxido and am currently using Ortisan fruit and fibre cubes. The latter work overnight, but I still suffer bowel pain afterwards. Currently trying to find something to take away my constant right sided pain and also an answer as to what is causing it. I have had lots of tests over the years, MRI, ultrasound, sigmoidoscopy and gastroscopy, but no proper diagnosis!

Please contact if you can help.


I have similar pain if my medication is not working properly. I found movicol was very gentle and worked perfectly for. E got 12 years. You could try them - good luck!

Hi, I have exactly the same, and no diagnosis. Blood tests, poo tests, CT, gastroscopy and ultrasound offered no explaination for pain which is from my right hip up to under right ribs. Also in my back and up to right shoulder. Gallbladder and pancreas checked, liver mildly fatty but not enough to cause pain. I have a hiatus hernia too but pain in wrong place I think. Colonoscopy next on a few weeks. Have you had all these tests to rule things out? My current theory is possible hepatic flexure syndrome, maybe a nerve type problem. Just some ideas to consider! Good luck! x

Wagtail17 in reply to Beckybexx

Hi, thanks for replying - reassuring to know I am not the only person suffering from this painful condition. I have had lots of tests and was diagnosed with a sliding hernia. Do you take any medication for your pain? My next move is a CT scan, which will probably take months to happen! My doctor is very nice, but none of them seem to have a clue about conditions that are out of the ordinary. If you can recommend any remedies I would be very grateful. Thanks again

Beckybexx in reply to Wagtail17

I take lansoprazole which helps a little with hernia symptoms and I’ve been taking probiotics and gone completely gluten free as I’m also hypothyroid and it’s meant to help. Think slightly better over all. I’ve got the ‘Heal your Gut’ book by Michael Moseley and been following that too. Pain is still there but BM’s have improved a bit. Think my next step is to ask for rheumatology referral.

If I have an IBS episode the pain usually starts low down on the right side, under my pelvic bone and gradually moves to the left. I find some relief from a magnet! I first used this remedy for bad period pain and then discovered a stronger version recommended for things like back pain which I have always suffered from. When I started getting the gut pain I thought I would give the magnets a go and they seem to work. The magnets are very discrete and clip on to ones under garments. The ones I have are from a company called Magno Pulse but I bought them so long ago that the company may not still exist! Might be worth a try.

Hi I've been in pain for over 18months with pain on my left flank into me groin docs saying it's ibs.. I've now got pain on my right side under my ribs and lower... It's pretty constant and worse at night it gets you down being in constant pain

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