Thoughts on Holland and Barrett Regucol versus Fybogel

Hi, got IBS & IBD. Started using H&B Regucol few months ago and found it meant i had formed stools, so helped a lot.

Asked GP if could get it on prescription (on ESA and trying to save money) and got Fybogel. I have found that it doesn't work as well. So I have returned to Regucol. I am told it is the same soluble fibre/husk although different names - But my body doesn't seem to think so.

Anybody else found a difference between the two? Anyone else found similar product to Regucol available on pescription?

Many thanks

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  • Fybogel doesn't suit me either. You're right in that the fibre content is the same as in Regucol, but additional ingredients differ a lot between the 2 products and it's probably these that your body (and mine) doesn't like. Fybogel contains aspartame, which isn't good for anybody, whilst Regucol contains 2 probiotics which probably help balance the bacteria in your intestines.

  • Thanks for response paganmoon, makes sense. I noticed that Regucol talks about the friendly bacteria, after the fuss about Danone marketing years ago, I wasn't sure, but maybe that is helping to.

    H&B got the smaller Regucol pot half price, so I have stocked up for the next few months, oddly the large pot is still full price!

  • Thanks to you too paganmoon, your post has been very helpful as well.

  • I agree with paganmoon. Have you read any of Phillip Day's books about added ingredients?

  • Just something to add to this thread. I have tried quite a few Psyllium products and oddly, I found Fybogel seems to work better for me. I found that 1/2 sachet was better than a full one. I hate the idea that it contains sweeteners etc, as I normally avoid them in foods. Although not as pleasant to take, I now have a jar of Solgar psyllium husk after being told by someone at my local nutrition centre that it is the only pure one on the market, and that other brands can have all kinds of contaminants in, including wheat.

  • Originally diagnosed with IBS, I was finally diagnosed with diverticulitis and prescribed Fybogel and Lactulose. I have continued with Fybogel, changing from the Orange "flavoured" to the unflavoured version because the Orange flavoured seemed to cause acid indigestion. However, I use one sachet and add 1 teaspoon of Regucol (I also take acidophilus tablets) after breakfast, i.e. once per day. Because I receive free prescriptions this helps reduce the cost slightly, and I try to buy Regucol when it is on offer! I found that although Fybogel works it did not work as effectively as the combination, in my case!

  • Hi, I have diverticulosis and I've been taking Fybogel for 5 months. I've finally given up on it as it doesn't help with my very loose stools that happen at any time. I'm going to try Regucol, because your post has given me a boost of confidence that I might get back to feeling normal again. Thank you MyAnxiety.

  • Just wanted to say that Regucol has changed my life in just 3 days. From having loose bowels almost every day for 8 months to proper healthy bowel movements twice a day has been a miracle.

  • Hello, do you have IBS-C or IBS-D?

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