Any help with left side abdo pain?

I'm hoping someone may recognise my symptoms and be able to give me some ideas. I have left side abdo pain to the left of my belly button and up a bit. This is permanent at a low level but does get worse some days and also just flares as though someone has punched me with no warning. I have been to hospital twice in November - told constipated despite me going regularly and twice in March where they told me to wait for the consultants appointments. Each time they stabilise the pain (usually massive doses of Buscopan and Diclofenac) and send me home. I live on combinations of Buscopan, Tramadol and paracetomol. Pain is unpredictable, is not linked to dairy or wheat - last 2 hospital visits I was wheat free. There is no pattern to the pain. I take Laxido (macrogol) every other day. I do lose some mucus. I don't seem to get diarrhoea or constipated when taking the Laxido. Pain does not change when I go to the loo.

I had a laproscopy 2 years ago following a similar spell and they removed adhesions from my bowel which pulled it out of line. Discharged immediately following op with no follow up. They were investigating the possibility of endometriosis but said none seen.

I have had a CT scan which showed small kidney stones but causing no obstructions - to go back to urology in 6 monts. A barium enema which showed no abnormalities - to go back some time in June. I am referred to gynae as A&E Dr suggested endometriosis again.

I got desperate and saw a GP who is going to send to colo-rectal and gynae to say she thinks I need to be put on the urgent list as I have not had a pain free day since the start of this year. The least discomfort I had was when my system was empty ready for the barium enma.

Going slowly mad with all the appointments and pain. My handbag looks like a pharmacy!

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  • Sounds to me it is Diverticular disease only because I suffer with similar pains and have been put on numinous antispasmodic ,now on Colofac 35mg which helps to a certain degree but like a lot of them you tend to get used to them so give up working. You have my sympathy.

  • That had been one of the things I have found using Dr Google but the Consultant's secretary said that the BE showed no evidence of diverticular disease or polyps or something else. I was shell-shocked as it seemed to me so like my adhesions or something bowel related. To be told that and that I would not be seen until June really threw me for a loop. Hoping that the GP letter gets me back sooner as, selfishly, I'd like to go back to a pain free life.

  • You say your pain is to the left of your belly button but up a little? Mhmmm. Could you be suffering from Pancreatitis? Because it could be. Food for thought there.

  • Hmm, you need to sort this out this sounds wrong to me and I don't even have half the symptoms you do, good luck ask for more help!

  • Got a voicemail from my GP surgery who say my "urgent" gynae appointment is later than the appointment I already have as non-urgent so am going to call them and query this. Still waiting on the colo-rectal urgent.

    I have had blood work done a few times which seems to come back normal so I think pancreatitis would be off the list.

  • You are told as an I.b.s sufferer if your symptoms change see someone keep pushing something is definitely a miss! A sluggish bowel will certainly cause the pain but it shouldn't be persistent!

  • I know but when I see Drs they treat me like I am time wasting! The colo-rectal was so dismissive and patronnising I am making my husband go in with me next time. It is not often I feel I need back-up but in this case I think hearing things from someone else may stop him behaving like I'm some naughty schoolkid trying to get out of PE!

  • Just an update. It looks like I may have endometriosis and adenomyosis. For any ladies out there with pain do some research as many are told IBS and it turns out to be a gynae issue.

    Also worth noting is I had an MRI of my small bowel. When I went they gave me Klean Prep to drink and said I may get the runs later that night. No, not me. 15 mins and just 1 container of that foul stuff down I started to swell inside and then got horrendous diarrhea. I had to stop my pre-MRI chat 3 times to go and then stop the MRI to go again. They got the basic shots but nothing with contrast because of my reaction. the hospital said it was something they never experienced before but Google says it is not uncommon. Be warned if you go for an MRI people!

    Colo-rectal are happy I have no issues and are basically washing their hands of me. Fingers crossed gynae can do something. Six months of constant daily pain is unpleasant.

  • omg,so sorry to hear of your problems,and I thought I was havin problems until I read yours! I was diagnosed a few months back for ibs ,I have to always make sure i have anal cream in my bag due to any emergency toilet needs as if I am taken short with diarea it makes me sore and itchy,ive recently taken in a sample of my stools to my gp as I am having terrible back pain and pain in hips and lower tummy,my gp has put me on Buscopan 8 in a 24 hour period, any bit of walking I do really hurts lower pack,its trial and error at the present time as I am new to IBS, ive learned the hard way I cannot eat a banana in a morning:big no-no ! I suffered afterwards to say the least,I am keeping a food diary what effects me and what I am ok with,what I can and cannot eat, gp has prscribed me cream for anal soreness and itching which is set off by diarea,I am bit nervous about results of stool sample incase they find something else,all the very best of luck with your problems,I think I will stop complaining now and just soldier on!

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