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IBS flare up or just a gastric upset:how can you tell?

Hi folks, I'd appreciate your advice, felt really grotty since Monday, very queasy,"upset" stomach, loose stools and some diarrhoea,my urine is dark and concentrated first thing in the morning and I have cold-like symptoms: runny nose, discoloured mucus(sorry!),slight cough, feeling hot then shivery. Trying to work out whether I'm having an Ibs flare-up or a mild bout of gastric flu, I started the Fodmap diet 10 days ago, also lactose free, the bloating is better but nothing else has improved. Now I'm feeling like this I haven't a clue what to eat, I'd normally have toast and cream crackers and the like but I hate the gluten-free bread (though I've persisted with it)and cream crackers are obviously wheat based. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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All I can really say is I suffer chronic IBS and I tried the Fodmap diet,and after 6wks of it I felt really ill,and my husband done me some toast proper bread and process soup,because he felt my body was lacking vitamins as the Fodmap diet is so resticting . If I were you I'd consult your GP.


hi, I have porridge for breakfast, oats is supposed to help with feeling down. I have rice cakes for lunch. I felt feverish for month but I work in a hospital and eventually got flu. I started FODMAP last summer.


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