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I have IBS C and have been having an increasingly challenging flare up that started in November! I have now been prescribed a new medication, fingers crossed that will help. I asked the specialist about selling a specialist dietician and he was rather sceptical about it. I also have slow transit colon. What are people's general findings with seeing dietarian and how has it helped?

Also, if anyone have any advice / tips they can give as to how to help terrible bloating, the feeling that there is a snake in my tummy and a very frustrated mum/wife/teacher who would like things to go back to normal?

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  • What is your diet like?

  • Very good. I haven't eaten wheat for over 15 years, I have tried the FODMAP diet but with little success. I have cut out onions. I have tried cutting out dairy and that didn't have any effect.

  • Have you added anything to your diet to see if it helps, like probiotics?

  • Hi,I have seen 2 dietitians through my doctors and they both said completely different things I also saw one privately (complete waste of money as I knew more about ibs than she did)I have tried fodmap but I found most of the foods that are fodmap I can't eat (peppers and onion)what I have found helpful is to cut out gluten for a short while also dairy and see if this helps (I can't eat cheese as I was surprised to find out that it causes constipation also for me most dairy is out too) it's a long process but I think it's the only way.I also take a daily probiotic which is brilliant.I hear kefir is a great probiotic and you can get it in most supermarkets now (it tastes awful but these things usually do if there good for you)it also take laxido daily.i hope you find something that works as I can make things very uncomfortable.


  • Thank you both. I've just started Symprove that was recommended by a friend. Tastes disgusting but seems to be helping a little.

    These flare ups are awful!

  • Hi there, I understand what you are saying here as I too have IBS C. Someone on here recommended Golden Linseed soaked which is soaked in water for around an hour, I sometimes soak it for less time. I have been doing this now for around 3 weeks and it has worked with me. I think my problem now may be oats so I have purchased gluten free organic oats and will be giving those a try.

    I hope find something that works.

  • hi there i have ibs how do you no what one you have got like ibs c ? i notice with mine its dairy that triggers mine of so cutting out lots of food

  • I would suggest getting checked for dysbiosis (SIBO, Candida).

    This post of mine gives you details and which symptoms to look out for: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

    This may not be you, but it is worth ticking it off the list.

    Hope this helps,


  • Get some Mag07 by aerobic life. ...tried everything, natural, no cramping...go every morning....watch your dose, start slow. You can use this daily. Amazon, Vitamin SHoppe, most vitamin net sites. I do not consider myself constipated anymore after many years of pure hell! Best wishes!

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