IBS flare up

Hi everyone,

I was eating salad last night for dinner, with kale, red onion, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and olives. I noticed after eating red onion my stomach felt bloated and swollen straight away and had pains in my bowels.

Today I feel constipated and feel like I have put on a ton of weight. I have so far stuck to only liquids today to rest my insides.

Has anyone had any problems eating red onion before?


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  • Hi, Onion of any type will cause you a problem if you've got IBS,or sensitive bowels. I would leave off it. The other alternative is to try it again to see if it is the onion, but chances are it is. Hope you feel better soon. Take Care.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for replying back.

    I think I will leave eating onions completely, I don't don't to trigger my IBS, I find it hard to cope with.

  • I have a problem with raw foods - I am now a full on salad dodger! All raw foods, even some fruits, set off an attack for me. I've never liked raw onion and haven't ever eaten it. Not sure if there is any connection but my daughter likes it, but has an allergy to, red onion.

    One of my worst trigger foods is lettuce!!! Do a google search about how it gives you excess 'gas'. The combo of both on your plate may have been a double belly ache :(

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Louise88,

    Thank you for replying to me.

    I love eating salads, I love red onions, but now I will have to cut it out now. I can't eat fruit cause that makes my IBS worse. I can't eat too much fiber foods.

    I will google search about excess gas,not hanks for that.

    My daughter is fine eating salads and fruits, lucky her

  • my doctor said to not eat too much fibre and to keep to 2 pieces of fruit a day. Thing is to be healthy the guidelines are at least 5 fruit and veg a day and plenty of wholemeal bread etc.

  • Hi Witchygirl,

    I can't eat wholemeal bread, as my body can't tolerate gluten,wheat, dairy, soya, red meat.

    If I do consume too much fibre cause I've been careless in not planning my meals I suffer greatly for it.

    I'm a bit hesitant to eat any fruit now, I have had fruit for 6 years now.

  • I think they have played around with our food so much its far from its natural state. Lots of people are now gluten intolerant because they have messed around with the seeds for all the grains to make it more gluteny and resistant to diseases but I think its all got out of hand. Added to that the quick way of proving commercially baked bread and now it rises in our gut instead of the bakery! My opinion only and I know im thick, but that's my theory and im trying my best to avoid the dreaded bad belly x

  • I agree with you,bother have messed around with foods. I didn't have any food problems until 5 years ago I have/had endometriosis/adhesions and numerous operations it's made my gut, bowels, stomach sensitive food almost everything.. I'm safer having liquids only throughout the day, I have no problems drinking homemade soups and herbal teas and coconut milk.

  • at least you know every ingredient in your home made soups. We really don't know what we are eating any more. Veg is sprayed umpteen times in the fields and then sprayed with preservatives so it prolongs its self life, which is why there isn't any moisture or soil/insects on our shop bough "Fresh" vegetables. Well that's the world put to rights for the time being xx

  • I sometimes miss getting readymade soups, readymade meals, takeaway foods especially when I don't have the energy to cook from scratch, or when the rest of the family are eating takeaway foods they smell so nice.

  • Hi The bread part of it for me to I limited my bread to weekend only and just small amount, pretty sad I love bread as far as fruit goes I'm fine with berries banana apples and oranges are my crippler

  • I have IBS-d which has got worse in the last year. I can't eat any salad now other than a little 'garnish'. I used to eat lots. Onions are bad too. I'm ok with chopped spring onions if I want to add an onion taste. I have to be careful with fruit, which is sad. I get bad wind pain, cramp and the dreaded diarrhoea. Most cooked veg are fine though. So much thought has to go into food now!!

  • Hi Vallie,

    Thank you for replying.

    I am sad too that I cant eat salads I love salad and love red onions in my salad. I do feel left out at times when my family are munching on fruits and I cant eat them. I have have think about the food and plan everything I will eat during the day. I'm so consipated today, my stomach looks massive and feels very tender, all I've had today is homemade soup. While I cooked for the rest of my family

  • Hi sweetyassi

    I have had IBS-C for many years, fortunately I do not have any pain, just the constant constipation and bloating. I have found sticking to a low FODMAP diet helpful. I can tolerate a few salad items as long as they are low FODMAP.

    It is sad that IBS limits our enjoyment of eating out ect.

    I too am sitting here feeling so uncomfortable, hopefully one day there will be a cure for all IBS symptoms and we can all enjoy our lives to the full.

  • Hi thank you for replying,

    Your lucky you don't get any pains. Constipation and bloating is not very nice.

    I hope so to one day soon there will be a cure for IBS

  • Hi,

    Very often I also felt as like your symptoms after eaten salad with red onion. From there I eliminated salad. Presently i am somewhat under control but sometimes I feel stomach bloating with pain.

    If you maintain food map regularly, Hope you will feel better.



  • Hi, thank you for replying.

    Much appreciated. I will be eliminating red onion from my diet from now on, and eat only warm salads instead of raw salads.

  • Cut out skin and pips of cucumber and tomato,chop small and likewise onion,Kale will cause wind.Add live yog like raita and you should be able to tolerate and still get taste.Also add a little cumin.

  • Hi maggiejemima,

    Thank you for replying to my question much appreciated.

    I will try what you suggested tonight and see how I feel.

    Thank you for your advice.


  • Hi, I also have probs with onion as well as garlic, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, also some fruits. I do miss salad but avoiding it is worthwhile. Have tried vitamin supplement lately but that didn't agree with me either! lol.

  • Hi, sorry to hear that you can't eat most foods.

    I'm okay with broccoli, tomatoes and cauliflower. I do miss eating fruits, I used love eating them everyday.

    I have multivitamin and minerals supplements everyday I'm okay with them. (Touch wood)

  • Look at the FOMAP diet .they suggest cutting out onions completely.

  • fellow sufferer, I had to read your comments twice to find out what is wrong. Red onion has NEVER done that to me but KALE is a brassic and doesn't normally digest properly, I'd try the red onion with other things and not kale and see how you get on!

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I didn't eat red onion or kale yesterday and I my pains and bloated feeling wasn't that bad. I think I will skip the kale and red onion for a while.

  • Hi there yep most definitely and have exactly the same symptoms. Also spring onions do the same.

    It's weird really Garlic salt for me is a crippler yet chopped garlic in a jar I'm fine, same as hot chilli no good at all sweet chilli fine doesn't make sense really.

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