Flare up of ibs-d

hi fellow Ibs-ers,I have a very busy job, I travel a lot with work and I can tell you where every service station/hotel/public toilet is in South Wales/Oxfordshire/bucks & the Midlands, because that's the geography i cover! Now it may sound like I'm joking but I manage reasonably well with anti spasmodics & loperamide, there have been accidents and I'm often in a lot of pain, but as most of you on here, it's been this way for as long as I can remember.

But..... Last night was my 18yr old daughters final fashion and textiles exhibition & I really really would have liked a night off from bloating, checking the queue in the toilets, cramping pains etc etc. Ibs-d is a real pain in the a*se & I just needed to vent. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great day regardless of this miserable blight xxx

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  • Gosh, I love this forum because I know other people are exactly like me and get it. There are others like me who go through life with a pocket full of Imodium, rescue remedy to calm the stress and a mental map for every loo in the county. Your post made me smile, because sometimes, when it matters, we would all just like night off. I hope you did manage to enjoy it and I hope your daughter did great too.


  • Have you got a RADAR key that will open any disabled toilet in the UK and an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society

    Sorry but I can't post the links here you'll have to Google them

  • Thank you so much, I have the 'can't wait' card & recently took the international translation card on holiday (previous bad experience in Stockholm😳). I didn't have a RADAR key, but have now just ordered one.

    I can now access more toilets, but also my anxiety levels will be lowered just by knowing it. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    KR, Alex


  • Have you tried your own intolerance tests like leaving one food group out of your diet at a time for at least 2/3 weeks, like dairy - you can substitute non dairy products

  • Hi,

    Yeah I've had ibs-d since I was a child and there are numerous trigger foods, but weirdly like lots of us on here, sometimes I can eat them and not be too badly effected & other times my ibs flares up badly & I have to remove all triggers for a while.

    Stress is a major contributor for me & now whenever I am working overseas or at company meetings, I remove all food triggers and take loperamide prophylactically. I guess we all have to find ways to manage our symptoms around our specific lifestyles.

    IBS-d still never fails to surprise me though! Ax

  • I became intolerant of dairy 4 years ago at the age of 65 but can keep my symptoms under control now - no cheese 😞

    I also made up little cards and laminated them in French and Italian, as that's where we go on holidays, to the effect that I am intolerant and they work very well in restaurants

  • That's a great idea, restaurant cards, often my pigeon French/Spanish just doesn't cut it when away on holiday!

    No cheese ever again is sad news indeed 😢Ax

  • I was moved to read this. It's a real shit, for want of a better word! We all know where you are coming from.......toilets, queues, distance, what if's........bloody pain in the ass, as you say. Just wanted you to know that you were heard, and empathised with x

  • Thank you, ax

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