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Hi all, sorry to be so graphic, I'm not meaning to be crude but every day I suffer from diarrhoea. I never used to, sometimes I could go for weeks or even months without a single episode but now I never have a good day. The problem is when I eat, within an hour or so after I desperately need the loo and can't hang in and when I go, well, it's kind of explosive (think cow pat). I have pain throughout the day (though not always) in different areas of my stomach, and feel nauseous after eating or going to the loo. Also I'm tired all the time and get thirsty quite a lot so I think I may be losing too much water with the constant diarrhoea. The doctor prescribed Imodium which doesn't always work and I don't like the idea of taking this every day for what he says is IBS. Are these typical symptoms or should I insist on some tests? If so what others and what for? Also I would like to know of any natural remedies that are not only successful in treating diarrhoea ( it's kind of embarrassing in work) but would help me to absorb more vitamins and minerals. Thanks in advance

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  • I can genuinely sympathise with you as I have been struggling with similar problems and it has had quite a significant impact on my life. Currently I am achieving a bit of success in controlling the 'explosive' side of things by eating the most boring diet (mainly based around porridge, oatmeal bread and potatoes!) I know its not ideal as there is little fresh fruit or protein in it, and I am vegetarian so missing out on lots of things, BUT it controls my symptoms. I have asked to be referred to a dietician, but my doctor is sidestepping it with delaying tactics. I think he is trying to rule out other nasties first. I have had IBS for years but it has never impinged on my life in the way it does now. I am not being very helpful am I? I know more about the food that sets it off, particularly any prepared meals, and take aways, anything that has been 'processed'.

    I wonder if, like myself, if at some time in the past, you have been seriously ill, and given lots of antibiotics, as my doctor told me there is proven research showing they can change permanently the chemistry of the gut?

    That might be an explanation, but no one seems to have addressed the issues of how to rebalance it!

    I will follow your post with interest as, although, I have a little more control of things through limited diet, I know it isn't otherwise healthy!

  • Hi mmmms thankyou also for your reply. It's good to know I'm not alone with this embarrassing illness. My doctor too seems reluctant to refer me. Let me know how you get on if u do manage to get referred. I haven't had any serious illness like you where I've been on long term antibiotics but I have been on and off antidepressants. Good luck for the future x

  • You should look into a really high quality pro-biotic supplement - with a wide range of different types of bacteria. Forgot those supermarket brands and that rubbish (the count of useful bacteria in those products is like 10,000 organisms per dose which in bacteria terms is nothing!) . A high quality pro-biotic will have at least 10 BILLION viable organisms in it. I happen to know there is also are a liquid pro-biotic called 'Symprove' that has been clinically trialled for IBS with much success:


    It was featured in the daily mail newspaper.

  • also, now that I think about it, a Candida albicans overgrowth is also a possibility (yeast in the gut) - i know you can get anti-fungals that are combined with pro-biotics. Threelac or Xtralac I Think

  • I was also like that and still have bouts iv been following the fodmap which as helped I don't have cows milk or cream just the lactose free stuff but I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia also garlic & chillis made ibs worst hope this helps

  • Hi, what were your signs for fibromyalgia, as I think I may be showing signs of this, and have had 4 episodes now of aching limbs and being very tired.

  • Hi there my bloods where all over the place, I had pain in all my joints, memory loss or brain fog as they call it, very tired, nausea , headache , palpitations, lack of sleep ....hope this helps it took a while to diagnose

  • Thanks willgina, might be worth a try, I'm willing to give anything a try at the moment.x

  • Hi Rio, have you actually been investigated and received a proper diagnosis ? I only ask because if not, you must get seen soon by gastro. Don't just pass this off as IBS or let your GP pass it off either, tests need to be done to determine, it could be something very serious. Lynda x

  • Hi Lynda, my doctor has told me I have IBS but I personally think I need some diagnostic tests. I don't know if this is true, but I've been told taking Imodium in the long term can damage the liver and that's all the doctor has offered me. I think I need to go back for another appointment x

  • Hi Rio8,

    I had exactly the same problem re: explosive but for me was not regularly linked to 1hr after eating - I had constant runs daily in morning, once fully emptied, rest of day was 'generally' much better. Sleep and thirst problems mirrored. I had night sweats + bad abdo pain at night. I had bad abdo pain/discomfort daily after eating in beginning but over time this eased to only when I ate something guts decided not like that day. Buscapan helped reduce pain (tried mebeverine - it not work for me). I got acid (Omeprazole eased). I lived on homemade stew and rice for best part of a year while it settled down but the good news is it can and does settle. Initially I tried lots of different probiotics - was not sure if yogurt ones making things worse so ended up on table ones. For a good while I ate unpasteurised cheese (it full of natural probiotics). I kept experimenting and trying to reintroduce different foods - over time was able to get back to an almost normal diet - I'm 2yrs since onset - post infective IBS as not had issues with bowels before and onset was sudden. I can eat most things in moderation - just have to go easy on drinks with bubbles and not overdo wheat products. I would strongly encourage a dietician - FODMAP diet was helpful in explaining some of my problems and gave me more confidence reintroducing food groups into my diet. It can and does get better but I got so tired needed time off work as could not function properly in my role. Taking time to relax I think helpful also - it not have a quick impact but I would like to think over time has helped calm the old guts and alongside diet I would rank as very useful.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi boogie, get some of that stew on the go, I think I might be needing it :) x

  • Hi Rio, your symptoms are the same as i had some 2 years ago. I would go back to your GP and request stool samples to be taken. I had tests done and it was shown that i was not producing enough enzymes to digest my food and i was prescribed Creon to help digest my food. i was diagnosed with Prancreatic insufficiency after having stool samples and a CT scan. I have the odd bout of explosive bottom but not as bad as it was.

  • Thanks Tommo55 I'm going to make another appointment. Take care x

  • Hi when I had my daughter six years ago the same thing happened to me, everything I ate went straight through. I was tired, exhausted and developed major anxiety and was scared to go out incase of being caught out. I went to the doc I knew I had ibs I had had it since iwas 22 and at this point I was 33 but it had always manageable till my daughter was born. They put me on Imodium up to 8 a day, alverine and buscopan daily. Six years later I'm still on the same meds but I only have 2 Imodium a day, 1 buscopan and I alverine. It's given me my life back I only get diorreahea about once every few months now. I also take a multivitamin and probiotic everyday. I cut out smoking, alcohol and dairy. No spicy food or fizzy stuff and I went to a counsellor to help with anxiety. At the time it was horrendous and I could only eat dry toast but I'm glad I Deceided to take the medication

  • If you don't have dairy are you aware that immodium and other tablet medication contains lactose

  • Yes I'm aware but for some reason they don't affect me the way drinking a glass of milk does

  • Could it be a build up of lactose that is not dealt with by lactase in the gut

  • Thanks Lynne, are these meds ok in the long term? X

  • I've been on them six years and I certainly have more of a life. The doc said there fine in the long term and to be honest I would hate to come off them and be back where I was.

  • Check out if you have Colitis. I would see a Proctologist versus a GP. Ignoring Colitis can turn into Crohn's Disease as the disease travels up the intestinal track. There are medications that can keep these diseases from progressing. Uncheck and they can prove deadly.

  • I neglected to add besides meds (I have Colitis) I use probiotic pills. This helps replace the good bacteria that you are flushing out.

  • Yikes dwitt, I hope it's nothing bad like that. Take care x

  • hi this happens to me if i eat fat or meat.

  • Your problem appears to be great ,but in real sense it can be easily overcome by taking some simple measures. First all you need to take treTment to eradicate worms.secondly ask your GP to prescribe Metronidazole form10 days. Within ten days you would have recovered mostly. If you have problem with that start " ISABGOLE" available at any Indian store ,as per given instructions. It has no side effects.

  • Thankyou for your reply x

  • You need to have all the tests available including a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy to rule out other bowel disorders.

    It may be that you are lactose/dairy intolerant but don't do any intolerance tests until you have had an examination by a specialist consultant.

    If you are lactose/dairy intolerant then tablet medication will not be good because most tablet medication contains lactose

  • Thanks for your reply, im taking the advice on here and going back to the docs x

  • Excellent - hope you get some answers

  • Also - be strong and be insistent

  • First don't think me rude but if you go to the Dr he's going to give you medication if you don't want to take it don't waste the Dr time.If you wish to go back to see your Dr ask him to refer you to a gastrologist who will probably send you for some more tests to determine what's wrong.Id like to just say diarrhoea consistently is quite serious so get it sorted.Sorry if I sound quite hard but I've suffered IBS for 12yrs and I've been through the whole system so I feel quite strongly about it .GOOD LUCK .

  • Hi Gemini, thanks for your reply. I have been back to the doctors several times and tried to get it across how this is impacting on my daily life and I've taken the Imodium he suggested but they don't always work and I rather try and control my symptoms through diet but there's so much info out there on what we should and shouldn't be eating, it's all a bit overwhelming. I live in a small village in Wales where's there's not much access to gluten free products but maybe this might be worth a try since so many people on here seem to be suggesting it may help? Also I'll take your advice and try and be a bit more insistent that he refers me to a gastro as at the moment he seems reluctant ( it costs the surgery money to refer patients). Thanks again x

  • Hi Rio,

    This sounds so familiar. I've been in a desperate state like this before begging my GP to refer me. I came to the conclusion they are useless. I spent a fortune on natural products for years - antifungals, vitamins, proteins. I ended up with severe CFS and decided to see a functional medicine expert. It cost about £800 but money well spent as they diagnosed I had gut permeability problem, vit b3 problem, atp mitochondrial issues, a SOD funtion problem. In 1 month I was on treatment including oil of oregano, acytl l carnitine, coq10, d ribose, l glutamine, b3 non flush.

  • The NHS will do tests if they think it is v serious. But if you are walking, working and look ok they will have an indifferent, wait and see attitude to it. NHS do not care about this problem. After exhausting the NHS you have to pay to get any treatment or improvement. That's from my experience!

  • Hi! Rio.........I tend to agree with Gemini but will add my little bit. I do understand what you are going through and as I only get "the explosions" about every 10 days I think I have got off lightly compared to you. But it does make you very anxious and disrupts your life. I have confirmed IBS and diverticular disease. You must go back to your GP and demand to be referred to a Gastro as more tests need to be done. Colonoscopy is one as this tells the consultant what's going on in the bowel. With IBS the bowel is sensitive and every time you put something in your mouth it starts the digestive system working. Your problem is currently excessive. You don't say how old you are so if you are under 40 they may look for Crohn's disease, over 40 it may be diverticular disease but I not a doctor. If your GP will not refer you do as my friend did if you can afford it, she got herself an interest free credit card and paid to go private her GP now takes her seriously. Wish you well and let us know how you get on

  • Thanks Linley for your response, I'll let you know how I get on at the docs x

  • I'd also recommend colonoscopy before other stuff and make sure all other stuff has been ruled out by GP. If they diagnose IBS I'd recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor as they will perform tests most GPs won't do and won't refer you for due to the way the nhs system works. For example my doctor wouldn't do a full vitamin b deficiency test. B3 b6 b12 etc. They will only conduct b12 tests. They also won't conduct atp mitochondrial functional tests as standard, which have been implicated in CFS associated with IBS

  • Hi - I can identify with some of the symptoms you have and have suffered from IBS for many years - know all about the embarrassment at work! I recently went on the FODMAPS diet and it's worked wonders for me so my advice is try that. Details are readily available on the internet and apart from buying the gluten free products it's fairly easy if restrictive. I think this may help you as like you, I was given Imodium and other tablets which are not ideal in the longer term. Good luck!

  • Whatever diet you try and follow, be sure to record what you ate, when, and any symptoms. If you have a smartphone, there are cheap IBS aps you can get to help keep track of things - this was invaluable for me in finding out triggers. It also helps to prepare you for a visit with a dietician or a gastroenterologist

  • It sounds as if there's been a big change in your symptoms recently. Has anything significant happened that could have led to this (either physical, like an illness or a major life event?). If not, then you really should insist on further tests. IBS is diagnosed by excluding other possible illnesses, and given the sudden worsening of your symptoms then it would be wise to make sure nothing else is going on. It may well be that you are eventually diagnosed with IBS, but that should be after other possible causes have been discounted. I really hope things improve for you soon.

  • Hi , sorry to hear about your symptoms. I have been through similar symptoms over the last 6 yrs. Finally getting better. My view is the nhs is not set up to deal with ibs and often are just guessing what to prescribe to control the symptoms. Not dealing with the root causes for each individual. I would recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor who will likely conduct tests that an nhs doctor will not justify unless they refer you. For example, full vitamin b, gut permeability tests, comprehensive gi stool test (which uses dna testing for various parasite infections). People with ibs will often be suffering malabsorption in conjunction with the gut problem. Or may also have underlying atp problems. Going to a functional medicine doctor may cost money but from my perspective my problem and treatment was identified in one month as compared to 5 years of non treatment on the nhs. GPs simply don't want to help with IBS and see it as something you have to live. In my opinion scandalous when estimated 10 million people have iBS!

  • IBS is not a disease. It is a label given to a set of symptoms that the NHS can't be bothered with. See an expert not an NHS GP! Do your own research - pubmed, altmedicine, livestrong, this site. I took the natural route and stopped IBS.

  • Insist on tests, no doctor can say it's IBS without having the relevant tests to rule out any other condition. I had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy before I was diagnosed in 1996. I get fed up with doctors saying you've got IBS without carrying out any tests!

    I really empathise with you and really hope that you improve.

    All the best

  • I agree with lots of other posts, you definitely need to have some tests (no matter how horrific they are) to rule out more serious things first. A couple of tips, that I learned the hard way about though! Be careful with the gluten-free products, they remove the gluten and replace it with a lot of other things that can actually cause you more problems. With theFODMAP diet, like anything, it doesn't work for everyone and made things worse for me. Listen to your body and what it says is ok for you to eat, not some list. A dietician can help you rule out any food triggers (if there are any) systematically and safely. Most of all, keep on at your GP for a referral to a specialist, and remember under NHS Choose and Book you don't have to go to the nearest hospital, do some research about the consultants in the area you are willing to travel to to get the help you deserve. Good luck!

  • In desperation and with my GP's knowledge have now seen a private gastro professor cost £200. But he thinks I should have more testing (£350++) for pancreas etc as my symptoms don't fall into normal IBS plus other indications. Now I have to get my GP to refer me to him at his NHS hospital to get the testing on the NHS. But he said they may not because it will cost them money. But it is going to cost me money (which I am happy to do if all else fails obviously). When you are supposed to be able under NHS choose and book to go to any consultant anywhere you prefer and when my local hospital gastro consultant won't see me any more, it makes me very angry. I am sure lots of others have had the same prob.

  • The Patient Advice and Liaison service at your local hospital might be able to help/advise you if you aren't happy with your treatment or your consultant. Basically, put everything in writing as a complaint and they will have to investigate and let you know all your options and if you have been treated fairly or not. Keep at it and if necessary, involve your local MP-amazing how hospitals get their act into gear after a letter from an MP!!

  • Check out Lialda (with folic acid) and probiotics. On Lialda I take 3 tablets a day - everyday for the rest of my life. I avoid milk products (not 100%) I avoid milk (use soy milk with vanilla flavoring). I avoid ice-cream, but I do have some, just not daily.

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