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I have Colitis & Reflux

I use Lialda for the colitis and it stays in check. For the reflux I use Dexilant and I thought this would also remain in check. Recently had surgery for PAD in my legs. Actually just the first leg and I came down with a server case of reflux where by bile would constantly come up. The hospital gave me some IV med that calm the situation down but as soon as I got home it started again. I would have 1/2 cup of bile regurgitate on me. This lasted for days. I also took some prescribed nausea medication. To compound this I have a degenerated cartilage in my neck #'s 3,5.6 &7. I was put on a course of methyiprednisolone but it had limited success. I think this med may have added to the reflux problem. I am awaiting some shots on nerve block to easy the chronic pain. I am looking to calm things down as they are effecting my COPD and central sleep apnea. Any suggestions?

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someone on this forum mention about apple cider vinegar.... I heard that if you produce too much acid it will make your symptoms worse but than I heard that some acid reflux is caused by lack of acid for which I hear apple cider vinegar could help... I would goggle it, you tube it or ask some others on this site about it...


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