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Help me with reflux

Well just had an endoscopy, been diagnosed with a sliding hiatus hernia and inflammation in my duodeum and stomach, I'm so down at the moment, I've suffered from IBS for many years, but my reflux is ruling my life, my doctor is about as useful as a chocolate teapot, he's had enough of me me I think, any advice on how to reduce my symthoms would be great, I also suffer from constant nausea, burning in my chest, throat and mouth, just want some quality days if possible, THANKYOU all for listening to my rant

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I'm consider myself an ex-IBS sufferer who only has the very occasional bout now related to stress. I have been working with a company that distributes silicolgel to pharmacies and health food stores in the UK. It is a natural product to treat symptoms of indigestion such as reflux, nausea and heartburn, and IBS symptoms. It is available from Holland & Barrett and Boots. If you want to find out more, visit silicol.co.uk . I have a friend who has used it recently for reflux and has found it to be useful as she was suffering from constant sore throats and was unaware that she had reflux until diagnosed by the doctor. She in turn has recommended it to another friend who has a similar problem. I have also been privy to some excellent feedback from users of silicolgel for GORD (sometimes referred to as GERD) and IBS. It may not suit everyone but it might be worth you finding out more before deciding whether to try it. Good luck and I do hope you find a solution soon.


Try the low fodmap diet if you haven't already. It can work wonders. Also, my reflux improved after I gave up eating meat and coffee. I eat mainly fish and eggs for protein.


Hi Cimmy

I'm sorry to hear that you are having a hard time. Have you ever heard of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, also known as SIBO?

Recent research papers have shown that a high percentage of IBS patients suffer from this condition, and it is the source of the IBS symptoms. I'm not an expert on it - I am just reading about it, because I think I have it - but basically it means that some bacteria have set up home in the small intestine, where they are not supposed to be and cause all sorts of IBS symptoms and malabsorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. There is a naturopathic doctor called Dr Alison Siebecker in the US who had the condition herself and now specialises in it. She has a great website at siboinfo.com. The bottom line is, SIBO is a treatable condition, not just trying to mask some of the symptoms, like most current IBS treatments.

There are a series of podcasts being broadcast free this week on digestion, and if you're quick, I think you can still catch them. Dr Siebecker gives one on SIBO, it's long - nearly 1.5 hrs, but very interesting on IBS. The link for the podcasts is:


Good luck on your journey to return to health.



I'm sorry things are so difficult for you right now but there are a few things you can try.

First,you must try and sleep with an extra pillow. Its important that you are propped up more than usual.

Second,try to avoid any spicy or 'hot' foods. This will only cause extra acid which will come up and burn all the way.

Third,I would have a word with your local pharmacist and ask what he/she recommends to settle your acid. I find Gaviscon to be the best but we are all different,so you might need something else.

If you feel your doctor is no good,change him! There is no rule you HAVE to stay with the same doctor. I also find that having a word with my pharmacist is a good second option.

Fourth,try to steer clear from sodas and fizzy drinks. Does you NO good and you don't need fizz to quench a thirst.

So try this and I hope things improve for you. Good luck!

Elaine xx


Thankyou everybody for your replies, I've taken on board some of your suggestions and will be trying these, it's nice to know that there is great support out there, I wish you all health and happiness x


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