constant IBS

I'm after a bit of advice on coping with IBS. I have always struggled with tummy pain but I became really ill last year and have had IBS every day for nearly a year now. I had an endoscopy which revealed gastritis and a hiatus hernia. This explained the pain and sickness. I also had a colonoscopy and although they didn't find anything my symptoms suggest IBS. I have been on medication for gastritis for months now as it keeps coming back. My main problem though is my bowel movements. I've tried many different anti-spasmodically and peppermint oil but everything seems to make the pain worse. I bloat every time I eat something and spend a lot of time on the toilet. It's ruining my sex life as that too can be painful and uncomfortable and there have been a couple of occasions where we have had to stop so I can dash to the bathroom! They say that going to the toilet is meant to ease the pain but I sometimes find it makes it worse. I have mouth ulcers, cold sores and this week I've contracted the virus from cold sores on my little finger! I also have piles and skin tags so it feel like I have defects all the way through my digestive system.

I also have hypothyroidism, PCOS, hypotension and hypoglycaemia. i constantly feel tired and unwell and I'm wondering whether my IBS and other conditions are linked. I'm only 31 and seem to have all the ailments of someone twice my age. I'm fed up of traveling back and forth from the doctors and wondered if anyone has found alternative treatments that help?

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  • Anyone know anywhere else I can get help as no response on here? Given up on doctors and not sure where to go next?

  • Just a thought I like you suffer chronic IBS and have done for 12yrs like you I feel more pain the more I go the loo.But recently I've been told could be linked to under active Thyroid.Now I went on the thyroid uk site and asked a few questions I was told to go back to GP and ask for certain blood test.It didn't work for me but if your like me you will give anything a try.Give it a go.Oh and by the way I've never found any Relief from most tablets don't make my mistake if your given a tablet,and it don't work after a month don't take it.Im now finding I'm Haveing to come slowly of drugs that are useless.I hope that's been of little help good luck.

  • Hello pinkpalmtree. I'm really sorry you are having a tough time! I've only just been formally diagnosed with IBS and it's taken over 12 months of tests to establish it! There is really no definite answer to it because everyone is different! I've now given up bread (I think it's the yeast) which has helped the bloating and I have also cut down my fat intake! I love cream, butter, cheese etc. but I've found I feel better without them and my loose bowel movements have improved too. I've also started taking the prebiotic Bimuno IBAID which you can get at Boots. I have natural fat free yoghurt every day for breakfast too ( you can use fruit or sugar or both in it to sweeten it)! This was recommended to me by a friend who has Crohns! It has made a big difference to me! Of course what works for me might not work for you but it's worth a try! Unfortunately there is no magic pill, and you have to experiment. Don't expect immediate results either - give it three to four weeks and I would hope you feel better

  • Hi pinkpalmtree I know your message was put on here a year ago but I just wondered if you managed to find any relief as I too suffer everyday with ibs and gastritis tried everything to help with the pain and discomfort but most things make it worse .I know what your going through believe me it's the worst.

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