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IBS or something else?

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Hi everyone!

Just a bit of background info - I'm 20 and I've already had my thyroid tested and a full blood count done which all came back normal. The doctor said it was, "probably IBS" and not much more was said about it.

My main symptoms seem to be bloating and gas EVERY DAY and I have trouble going to the toilet sometimes. I also get pain that comes on for a few minutes and then goes (I'm guessing it's gas) and stomach cramps too. I also have fatigue that comes and goes.

I've cut out dairy and any caffeine (as I've been sensitive in the past) and even that hasn't helped.

I don't think it's IBS because the bloating is usually persistent. Often, I wake up feeling bloated! I'm thinking that it could be SIBO? If so, I've heard mixed opinions about taking antibiotics to treat it.

I've started taking a probiotic, although I'm not sure it will make a huge difference, and I'm cutting back on carbohydrates.

I also seem to be feeling hungry quite a lot too but I'm scared of eating anything in case it makes me feel worse!

Any advice/tips/stories would be very helpful as I'm at a point where I really don't have a clue what to do.

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Hello :) You've taken a lot of good steps. I'm in a similar 'probably IBS' situation. You should discuss with your doctor the probability of SIBO, because there are some breath tests you can take to see if that's the case. Those probiotics will probably help, I went more weeks than ever without a flare-up when I started them. Also consider that the probiotics may be causing bloating, especially if you do have SIBO, because your gut flora is sorting itself out and releasing a lot of gases as a consequence.

I recommend fresh ginger and also peppermint oil capsules (enteric coated if you have reflux) for the cramps and gas. Peppermint oil is the one natural treatment that medical practioners are very happy to recommend because of all of the scientific evidence for its ability to relieve a bowel in spasm. For pills I suggest buscopan, which you can either get from the pharmacey or doctor (I suggest talking to your dr about it first).

I get scared of eating too, but it's important to carry on as much as you can. Even if you can only eat a couple of nuts here and there, it's better than nothing. There's two different types of fibre (soluble and insoluble) and each person with IBS benefits from them differently. I personally benefit from a soluble fibre diet with a lot of meat (no fibre in there), but you may be different, so do a bit of research into those fibres to help you find out which you feel would be suitable for you.

It's a bit of a journey but you will find what is right for you.

IBS is not an illness. It's just a generic term for digestive issues.

It's cheaper than send you for the tests.

Obviously if something makes you sick then don't eat it but without a proper diagnosis I wouldn't do any serious diet. You would just torture yourself.

It's possible you have SIBO but it can be anything else. (Like low stomach acid.)

I would recommend to try to eat more healthy and exercise. If your symptoms don't improve then go to your doctor and ask an appointment to a gastroenterologist.

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cskye in reply to Kentaro

It really does seem like I have too much bad bacteria in my gut but like you say, it literally could be anything! I keep putting off going to the doctors as they haven't been very helpful in the past but if this doesn't go away then I don't think I have much choice.

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Kentaro in reply to cskye

Yes, it can be only imbalance in your gut flora. That's why I wrote to eat healthy and exercise.

Kefir and sauerkraut also great probiotics sources although if you have SIBO then I'm not sure if it's a good idea to put more bacteria in your small intestine.

Hi there, could be leaky gut. That's what I had. Easy to check with blood test. See a nutrient GP if you can find one. If not cut gluten out completely for minimum 2-3 months plus dairy.

I've had problems all my life and just found the problem. Game changer. Test also for intolerances. I don't eat gluten or dairy and my tummy is fixed. Symptoms I had was diarrhea and bloating but can be different . I drank loads of bone broth homemade and it's healed me. Best of luck😀

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Kentaro in reply to Christine-w

Have you ever had a lactose intolerance test?

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Christine-w in reply to Kentaro

Yes an negative! But not good for my leaky gut:)

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Lulububs in reply to Christine-w

Same here! Gluten and dairy were devil! All them

Years i suffered and as soon as i cut them

Out bye bye ibs

IBS and thyroid problems is linked to Leaky gut.

Hi sounds like candida overgrowth (yeast overgrowth) it can cause IBS symptoms and food intolerances. The yeast feeds off sugar, yeast and carbs. Are you in uk? Docs don't tend to test for it I had my test done privately via candidatest.co.uk/ have a read into it and see what you think x

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Kentaro in reply to Nicki1984

They don't test for it because Candida overgrowth is just a symptom. For some reason your body can't control Candida. For example if you have immune deficiency.

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Nicki1984 in reply to Kentaro

I guess but if I had not tested for it I'd be none the wiser but now I can try to treat it. I think my candida is down to various factors which I can now address as I understand more about it now.

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Kentaro in reply to Nicki1984

True. But you are still just treating the symptoms. It's not going to solve your problem permanently.

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Nicki1984 in reply to Kentaro

What's the answer then? I've had no help from my gp the last 2 years the only progress I have made is off my own back. I already take probiotics etc

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Kentaro in reply to Nicki1984

You have to find out to yourself.

Several factors can cause a yeast infection, just google it.



-uncontrolled diabetes

-weak immune system

-poor eating habits, including a lot of sugary foods

-hormonal imbalance near your menstrual cycle


-lack of sleep

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Nicki1984 in reply to Kentaro

Your making the assumption that I don't know this. Whatever the factors for the cause I now have candida overgrowth which I now need to deal with. You don't know enough about me to make assumptions.

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Kentaro in reply to Nicki1984

You asked me what could cause your problem. I just told you the options.

Because you are right, I don't know you enough to give you an exact answer.

But you were the one who made an assumption when you diagnosed candida overgrowth to cskye based on some gas and bloating.

You shouldn't do that. You mislead people.

The question was for Christine-w. :)

Lactose intolerance can cause bloating, gas and pain. But not constipation.

Get a copy of your results and post them on the HU Thyroid UK group, the knowledgeable people there will tell you if your results are REALLY normal.

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Nicki1984 in reply to Josiesmum

Thank you 👍🏻x

Get tested for Mast Cell Activation Disorder!!! Google it!!


Your goin in the right direction cskye, i have had ibs year and i now know exactly what trigger me off, dairy, gluten, yeast,onions and garlic....

If i stay away from them im fine.

If i dont i get bloating ( to point ive been asked if pregnant and i am a size 8)!!! Trapped wind, indigestion, untrapped wind 💨💨😂 and then just damn right bend over crippling sweating pain...

About a year ago it got worse couldnt figure out why as i am so religious with my diet so i saw a nutritionalist/ allergist first thing i did was a spit and blood test and they said “

Have u changed ur hormone pill or had antibiotics in last 6 months” i had ! Antibiotics, two loads for tooth infection..... i had sibo/ candida.

I can honestly say i have never felt worse, i couldnt move i wanted to sleep all the time, i had gut rot 24/7 ,confusion, palpatations, felt so sick it made me gag to move, i went from pooping to not being able to, i lost 2 stone in 6 weeks....

So he told me how to get rid of it and he said it wont b easy but u do not want to go to dr and get more tablets u can do it naturally if u stick to it....


1. No sugar / fruit/anything sweet even naturally ie honey.

2. Probiotic strong! Non dairy

3. No dairy no gluten( which i already was)

4. Strong digestive enzyme.

5. A tablet called “ dida” it full of all the natural herbs that kill the yeast overload

6. NO YEAST( breads blah blah)

7. Peppermint capsules 200mg

I basically lived on water, crackers, chicken, veg and gluten free

Porridge with soya milk.for 6 weeks.

Within the first 2

Weeks i noticed difference in pain i looked healthier, i could move without feeling


The candida yeast was actually coming out in my poo where it was dying( tmi but true).

I could do normal

Poops. Within 6 weeks i went back to the nutriotionalist and it had gone i had no trace at all.

A year down line i still keep to all the supplements to keep gut healthy as it has helped with period and general health. I am still gluten dairy free. I am still slim but that come from eating healthy. I am 43 and the other day i was told by a gp that i looked 30 so i must b doin something right.

Best thing i ever did.

Please do it naturally if u can. It will help ur gut and keep it healthy it will help ur ibs

i feel basically the same. any chance you know what’s going on now?

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