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Does anyone else have spontaneous nosebleeds?

It seems that when my IBS is playing up, my chance of having spontaneous nosebleeds also increased. For example, i just had one. I was just sat on the sofa drinking my tea when my nose starts to bleed for no reason. I'm trying to work out if it's connected to my IBS or if I should ask the GP about it. It wakes me up in the middle of the night sometimes, it has started in the middle of a shop and even twice when I was driving on the motorway!

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Hi it is possible to have a weak capillary blood vessel in the nose which can spontaneously rupture . It could be a sign of high blood pressure . Do you have yours checked regularly . Or it could be nothing at all . I must say I cannot see how it might be related to IBS but then others might have a different view .


Best to get checked out by your Dr. Then I'd suggest you try acupuncture.

In the mean time a cool flannel on the head when you think you might get a nosebleed. Or even during it if you need to stop it. Before bed run the inside of your wrists under old water.


It would be best to go to your GP, it could be nothing at all, I have not had that happen xxx


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