Anybody else??

Anybody else get radiating back distress with IBS? Feels like if someone would just whack me in the middle of my back I'd get relief. Also difficulty getting a deep breath? And......feels like a muscle sprain in my right back when I twist. I had a trauma in my life which seemed to push all of this into overdrive. Now I obsess over these symptoms which make them worse I'm told. Anyone else feel anxiety makes IBS worse?? Thanks!

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  • Yes stress definitely makes ibs worse and it really sucks!!!

  • Agreed......BIG time!! And it creates a cycle......stress from worrying about the symptoms make them worse then I stress even more!!!

  • If you search "IBS and anxiety" on this site - you will see you are not alone.

  • And that makes me feel at least somewhat comforted.

  • Your pain centre back is most likely wind. Get someone to give you a good pummeling up the back and it will releAse it same as when a mother pats a baby on the back. It can be extremely painful if not released. Try using peppermint oil so you don't get so bad.

  • Thanks. I do use the peppermint oil capsules.

  • Yes I also get pain in my back and also when taking a deep breath. I just take Buscupan and use a hot water bottle and just wait it out until it's gone. A good comment from sashapet - I'd give that a go.

  • Thanks.

  • I often get lower back pain(aching) and sharp indigestion pains in various parts of upper body.I find if I rub just below my sternum or shimmy my ribcage it can bring wind up and provide relief from the sharp pains.Peppermint tea is great for wind if you can stand the taste!Ginger biscuits for nausea.I personally find milk can soothe it a little.They say stress can make it worse,then again pain stresses the body!You could try listening to some favourite relaxing music during a bad flare up-it can help take your mind off things.I find mine to be more hormone related-regular pattern during the month.Take care x

  • Forgot to mention Gaviscon,I find it can help quench wind production even though it is used more classically for acid indigestion -I use the aniseed flavour as I find the peppermint version quite sickly. x

  • I do think the pains are gas. I'll have to start charting the time of month. Even though I am through menopause hormones still exist! Good suggestion! Thanks!

  • Ive heard a lot of people say they have some kind back pain attributed to IBS. I always have pain but then,Ive had a bad back for a lifetime!

    I also feel sometimes like if I could just take a big enough breath,it would 'release' something. Is this what you mean?

    I cant really add anything to this except to say if you're worried,see your doctor or maybe even a kinesiologist.

    Hope it eases for you,


  • Thanks and yes, that is exactly what I mean!

  • A different take on this perhaps. I have suffered back pain on and off alongside the IBS, and tests on both have found no physical or similar cause. I see them as being different aspects of the same problem of my body finding ways of dealing with anxiety. This makes sense to me because my character means I stress at things which I innately take too seriously and I still haven't found a fully effective way to deal with such feelings. Not surprisingly at my lowest ever moment, both symptoms were at their most severe.

    Both symptoms are now probably under as good control as they have ever been and that's through using my own mix of relaxation techniques learnt mainly from hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. If you recognize something of this in your experience, I would suggest looking into these therapies. Good luck.

  • Thanks....I do use CBT and am trying really hard to harness my anxiousness. I do relate completely to your points! Thanks for reminding me of the many ways our bodies can manifest anxiety!!

  • I'm trying mindfulness at the moment. It's not working very well!!

  • I have ibs and suffer from abdominal pain and lower back pain on and off it is awful I know how you feel and as others have said anxiety makes it worse. Good luck

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