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Does anyone else have a problem with rice and/or oats?

I'm on a low FODMAP diet which gives me 90% control of my IBS. However, I find that I have a very bad flare-up (pain, wind and diarrhoea) if I eat rice or oats no matter how they're served.

I mentioned the rice problem to my dietitian who said that it was a product that was currently under investigation as a lot of people found it was a symptom trigger. I've tried it out so many times now, I'm in no doubt that it gives me a bad time.The same goes for oats which seem to be even worse for me - even as a very small portion.

Just out of interest, I'd like to find out if anybody else has difficulty with either or both of these foodstuffs.

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Strangely I take porridge oats every morning thinking it was good for my bowel. I do eat rice too and this bulks up buy still results in loose bowel movements.

I may go onto a different breakfast routine and get back to you.


Hi John,

Thanks for your answer, I'll be very interested to hear if things improve for you if you decide to cut out the oats and rice.


Hi Kerry,

Many thanks for your reply.

I've actually been on gluten-free oats for the past couple of weeks and they made no difference. It's the oligos/fructans/GOS in wheat, barley and rye that give me a problem (same for most fodmappers) not gluten. I'm okay with quinoa but don't really like it very much. I also don't like rice very much so don't eat it that often. Think I'll do the same as you though and go grain-free from now on - difficult choice but worth making for a trouble-free bowel!

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It depends on what you are eating the oats with, i think!

Do you make the oats with water? I find if i put milk on the oats it makes bloating worse.

Also if you are having the same breakfast each day and you have an intolerance, it could be exaserbating the problem. Try all protein breakfast like bacon and eggs and see if you notice a difference!


Porridge made with water or milk makes no difference and I as only eat it once or twice a week at most, regularity is not the problem. I only put fruit into it that's permitted on a low FODMAP diet (e.g.. berries) and with which I have no problem otherwise. I've also tried eating the porridge with no additions and the results are just the same.


For some reason adding a banana and only making the oats with boiling water helps stop the bloating for me


Thanks again Kerry.

Yes, almonds in whatever shape or form they come give me a bad problem as does coconut unfortunately.

...and arsenic doesn't sound too good either, does it?

Such a shame that the FODMAPS diet doesn't work for you; it stopped me cutting my own throat - as I'd got to the desperation stage - and it only took 3 days to give me a result as well.

As for grains, I think you're dead right in that they're so ultra-modified, our bodies can no longer tolerate them. Funnily enough though, I have no probs with maize and can happily eat crackers and pasta made from it, but cannot eat sweetcorn (a FODMAP no-no). Apparently, it's something to do with when, in its cycle, the corn is harvested and how much sugar has gone out of it. We all live and learn, don't we?


I did have a problem with oats, my kinesiologist recommended I try oat bran or oat meal instead of the jumbo porridge oats I was consuming. I found oat bran to be the easier of the two to make. I found the gluten in the jumbo oats created an intollerance over time.


Never Knew about "Rice", I eat loads of it, with turkey burgers, and most small meals, to make those small ready meals a bot more bigger. I normally just use Uncle Bens Basmiti microwave pouches. Sometimes I like mushroom rice and pilau rice, but think the pilau is more spicy. Dont eat oats, but have honey nut cornflakes with milk most mornings. With me, anything Onion is a no go, shame cos I love Onion bahjes ... I usually take onion out of supermarket sandwiches, and out of takeaway curries, which lately seem to laced with fat to much onion.


I would like to know what this foodmap diet is, I suffer with IBS, diverticulitis, Spatic colon any help is welcome


Check on google and stay away from gluten and lactose for around 6 Months.


YES!!!!!! I avoid rice and rice products (wine, vinegar, flour). You don't know how happy I am reading this :) People don't believe me when I say rice causes me to have a flare up.

I can eat oats tho :)


Though it is notoriously hard to isolate the possible triggers of our flare-ups, I have noticed that lately rice would cause my 101 IBS symptoms, such as abdominal pain, bloating, etc.


It's difficult to have one rule for all ibs sufferers as symptoms and triggers can vary quite widely. I find banana helps with the bloating as well. Also the oats you're eating could still contain wheat, barley or rye, so make sure to get pure oats. And try using water, or a low fodmap milk alt, as milk seems to irritate me. Unfortunately I cannot help much on rice, as I don't seem to be worsened by it. I hope this is somewhat helpful.


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