Does anyone else have both Coeliac Disease and IBS?

I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 4 years ago and have stuck religiously to a Gluten free diet ever since. In May of this year I began experiencing severe abdominal pain with mucousy diarrhoea occasionally streaked with blood. I had a Colonoscopy followed by a CT Scan which both showed no abnormalities so I habe been told it is IBS. Does anyone else have both conditions and if so how do you manage them? I didn't know it was possible to have both conditions and never thought that IBS could be so painful and distressing.I would appreciate any advice as most people, including my boss, seem to think that IBS is a big joke.

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  • Thank you Kerry, I do avoid wheat because of my Coeliac Disease. GP has told me to cut down on caffeine but I don't really have much of that either.

    I don't know whether it is ibs I have or whether the medics are just fobbing me off because they can't find anything else. I'm glad I found this forum as it's good to have some place to sound off where people understand. Thanks again.

  • Can I ask you, how did you find out that you have Coeliac Disease?

  • Hi Roonie, I had really bad Anaemia about 4 years ago and had investigations as to the cause. A duodenal biopsy showed changes specific to Coeliac Diease and I then had blood tests to confirm this.

  • Thanks for reply. sorry about the anaemia but at least it helped to discover the coeliac problem.

  • I am cutting out wine, sugar, caffeine and cows milk to see if this helps. I will log onto your web site kerrym. Thank you.

  • Hi thecatsmother, Sure thing I started with IBS about 2 years after coeliac diagnose, it was just hellish with the pains day and name it I had it..burning etc., no meds seem to help apart from a little with Rabeprazole. When it was suggested I took antidepressants to help which I refused. Eventually contacted by phone coeliac uk and was advised to try soya milk with added calcium, then about lactose free. previously no dietary advise given from doctor,gastro, coeliac clinic dietition who just said gluten free food (obviously) So took coeliac uk advice and so simple I began to improve, only wish had contacted them earliar. Last couple of years plus awful, now much improved, have also started to take extra B vits and some multiviamins.. Arthritic pain gone and tendon pain. So future much brighter. Suppose am lucky dairy etc proved to be causing troubles.....I was having milk evening thinking it would help with sleep and was actually making things worse.

  • Yes, I have gone on to soya milk. I am also leaving off tea and coffee and drinking other things including peppermint tea. I cant believe that 'all of a sudden' and in later life, I need to cut certain foods out of my diet. I have never had to control foods that I eat before. It takes some understanding and believing. Why now? Is it really certain foods that are giving me such crippling cramps.

  • Thanks will keep that in mind, havent tried almond milk yet.

  • Hi I would also avoid soya, as I have read that soy allergy can mimic exactly the appearance of the gut that they use as the gold standard for diagnosing coeliac disease. Soya lecithin is in most chocolate and even if I have a tiny bit of chocolate it makes my tongue come up in bumps with the pain and irritation you get if you accidentally burn your tongue on a hot drink.

  • Hi, so sorry ur boss thinks ibs is no joke! I have it and its murder! I have to avoid wheat, onions, popcorn, seafood n be careful with bananas!! I dont know anyone with both although on a FB group some do indeed claim to have both. I hope you have been doing ok all this time.

  • Hi catsmum, Isn't it strange what some ignorant people find funny!!!!! I was the other way around to u, 'diagnosed' IBS as symptoms I've had most of my life worsened after two doses of Noro virus, but pushed (& I mean pushed, my GP surgery hates me!) for tests which showed coeliac disease. Improved but still had issues once or twice a week. Have now gone completely diary free (almond milk is my choice, Violife cheese, olive oil spreads etc) & am much better. Found dieticians very helpful, recommended Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall's 'light & easy' cookbook 100% DF & 90% GF recipes. I also take Vit B supplements as my levels were low but not enough for Rx. I take prebiotics twice daily (Fos-a-dopholis) & loperamide if I'm going out after a BM but now nearly back to 1 a day. Increased my levels of exercise, difficult until you've got the C & D under control I know. Works for me & I now have my life back. All the best to you

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