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Ibs/anxiety is ruining my life

Hi all first time writing a post. I'm 25 years old I have under active thyroid all my life and was told by my Dr 3 years ago I have ibs-A which has total ruined my life I have a 3 year old son single parent and I can't go out and do things with him really struggle to take him to nursery as morning are the worst. I've looked at lots of blogs and websites and always see people have good days and bad. I have bad days everyday which is frustrating I take amitriptyline 40mg and loperimide but doesn't seem to be help I've tried loads of things sympove, fodmap, peppermint tea and different Tablet that seem to work for like a month and then it's like my body is ammune to it and they don't work anymore. I'm homeward bound most of the time apart from going to work and visiting my mum but I get taxis everywhere because anxiety is so bad about leaving my house I go to counciling I think it is sort of helping. I'm just not seeing a light at end it's making me low and very tired dealing with pain everyday it's draining. Anyone got any advice?

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Hi I know how you feel it's frustrating when you put so much effort in to try and manage it and you get nowhere. I've gone back to the doctors for advice more tests etc and rule other things out but still struggle everyday. I have not found the answer yet I'm afraid just keep trying new things back to the docs maybe? Keep up the counselling. If I find something that works then I will share. Good luck x


Thank you. I've got appointment but I've had till 17th may to get one defo need to get answers from Dr's


I really feel for you,I have had IBS symptoms since my teens,and to be honest I am not sure how i am still married.My sons are now grown up and married. but we rarely travelled due to my anxiety and symptoms.

I have lost count of the number of family gatherings and outings i have backed out of,and even taking my grandchildren to school is a military operation,for a 5 minute walk.


I could even imagine to be in a relationship cause it takes up so much of my time and I'm worried that people just don't understand. I was managing to take kid to nursery which is 5 mins away from house walking I just can't do it. This week I've had to send him to school in a taxi on his own and someone from his nursery picks him up at reception. Morning are really bad I'm sort of ok by time 3 comes to pick him up. I just wonder how people cope that have had ibs way longer than me. It's just draining.

Ps I live on a island everyone knows everyone I don't send kid off with strangers


It's good that you are sharing this on this forum. It's very difficult being without support, and that is what we can bring you. You are doing your best for your son, despite your IBS.

The old techniques are not working anymore. This is a major sign that your body is trying to tell you something that you are not hearing. I have beaten my IBS after a long and frustrating battle with it. So it is possible.

Have you been tested for dysbiosis (SIBO and Candida)? Imbalances in gut bacteria are known to cause thyroid problems - and IBS. I have posted this article on my blog with more details:


Also, for me there can be a major nervous component to IBS: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope this helps move you forward,


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I have bis.plus quite a few more problems.I had the runs very badly for nearly 3 months, lost a lot of weight couldn't eat, then I seen an advert for enterosgel, it worked the very next day, still get the occasional nausea but nothing like before. It gets rid of most of the bad things in your bowel..I bought mine at Amazon, bought 1 at first to try, now I get 2 FOR 30 POUND, THEY LAST AGES,O I ONLY TAKE IT ONCE A DAY.ITS A GEL IN A TUBE 2 SPOONS TAKEN IN ABOUT 20 ML WATER ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.TASTE A BIT LIKE INTERGESTION TABLETS. I HAVNT HAD ANY TROUBLE WITH I.B.S. FOR WEEKS NOW.. BY THE WAY YOU CAN BUY A SMALL TUBE IN BOOTS BUT IT IS A BOUGHT 10 POUND,, HOPE THIS HELPS YOU AS IT HAS FOR ME,,IT FELT LIKE A MIRICLE. ANN.

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I have hashimoto's which has caused me to have a very under active thyroid. I spent 2 years in and out of hospital with bowel obstruction and after every test, camera and scan going was diagnosed with slow transit constipation. I had 1/3 of my large bowel removed 2 years ago as medication couldn't stop the obstruction. My bowel was very long, loopy and floppy and kept folding or twisting. I am much better since my surgery and just take laxido now. I am on a strict gluten, dairy and soya free diet now. Lately I have had to stop eating salad and apples too. I work full time in a school and evenings at Tesco. It was really hard to keep working for the 2 years I was in and out of hospital. Would be at school all day in agony then rushed to hospital where I would spend a week to 10 days on drips with tubes up my nose and bum. I almost lost my job at Tesco due to poor attendance. Have you tried changing your diet? Have you seen a gastroenterologist? Keep pushing you GP to help you. Best of luck x


Hi I've ask to see one but Dr's just say they won't tell me anything different from what a dr could. Yeah changed diet tried fodmap and had to cut gluten dairy out but still finding loads of foods that are affecting me so cutting them out as I go as well trying to get some more exercise which is limited when cant leave the house and have 3 year old running round. My problems seem small to your hope your feeling better now


For anxiety I recommend a powdered magnesium drink called natural vitality natural calm. It really does calm you down.


I guess the only other thing I can suggest is starting the low fodmap diet and seeing a dietician about it for advice.


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