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B12 and D3

I have had Ibs for probably 20 odd years. Having faecal urgency and incontinence, usually diarrhoea and horrendous stomach pains! Had colonoscopy about 10 years ago which was normal.

Doctors were not interested. Just kept saying lose weight as I had gained alot. Went to docs quite often as apart from Ibs my whole body ached, my spine, all my joints and I just always felt ill. Eventually I started to break down in front of doctors as looking after my son was very difficult when feeling this way. I eventually had a series of blood tests which showed I was vit d deficient. Told to take vit d3. I was suppose to take just 1 tab, but took about 6 instead after doing some research on vit d deficiency. Aches and pains started to disappear. My tummy improved a bit, but not enough to say that made a difference.

My mum was diagnosed with Parkinsons and eventually due to tummy problems tested for pernicious anaemia - b12 deficiency and had it. Now has b12 injections. My sister was having a bad time too and took quite a fight for her to get b12 test, but eventually they did the right test and yes she was diagnosed too! So were my 2 other sisters, plus my niece. Discussing alot of our symptoms I felt I had the same, but despite this my gp said I wasnt anaemic and didnt need the test. I told her that my sister wasnt anaemic, but had pernicious anaenia. No matter how much I said I wanted the test because of similar symptoms they wouldn't budge. Last year got so depressed with it all I bought vit b12 liquid form and took more than the 2 drops allowed and I know this is all very bad to just take too much, but after 2 months of taking it, I had no tummy pains. After 5 months I had my first normal motion in 20 years. I do still get very soft motions, but instead of going to the toilet 4/5 times a day, I go once in the morning. I get totally normal motions more and more frequently and can now walk my dog from the house now instead of having to take the car as I was having so many 'accidents' where I just couldn't hold it even after going to the loo 3 times before leaving the house!! So embarrassing as it was always so sudden and nothing I could do. Wearing incontinence pants in my early 40's was soul destroying!

I know none of this is scientific, but this is my story how I am now in my fifties after my 30's and forty's totally ruined by ibs and my gp's lack of sympathy or interest, but I can now walk my dog with friends now. My stomach pains are non-existent and my weight is coming down.

I take 3 tabs of d3 a day and a pipette of liquid b12 at breakfast! Maybe I should go back to my gp to say look how I am now, but probably still wouldnt care!!!!!!!

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Well done Dnily .............it was risky of you. It is so sad that many of us do not have GP's that take us seriously. I am fortunate that I have a GP that does a recent blood test I had showed Vit D deficiency and I was immediately given a course. Wish you well for the future


I know Linley. I felt I had no choice as my GP was so disinterested and didn't want to help in anyway. It was interesting that my sister, in same gp surgery, was diagnosed with PA in hospital and her gp did not want to give her the b12 injections! She had to make a complaint before they would which is unbelievable!


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