UTI Cause IBS?

Has anyone had any troubles with UTI's? I had a massive flare up Nov 2013 and the same again saturday just gone. I have started my second set of Homeopathy Remedies, I think I had a bit of a tummy bug as I had very watery diarrhea a week ago (I have IBS C), then for 5 days it was like my IBS was trying to kick in but didnt, until the friday avo when it started its usual bloating & spasms following food/drink. But on Saturday at 1am I woke to severe stomach/uterus spasms, and what can only be described as "labour contractions". After realising it wasnt going to stop I took an antispasmodic which kicked in after 30mins or so........Anyhoo, turns out I had another urinary infection, I have antibiotics now, but I also called my homeopath who has given me some remedies instead as I REALLY dont wanna take the antibiotics, so as long as they kick in by tomorrow i will keep the antibiotics on the back burner.

Has anyone else had this happen? I also asked the Doc while I was there for tests as I have NEVER had any tests to actually rule other things out, so he has booked me in for bloods now. I also asked why I always seem to have IBS attacks averaging every 2 weeks, he did mention a possible menstrual factor to my IBS?

So many questions!!??!!??!!?? I would be interested in your thoughts and experiences with any of the above.

Thanks xx

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  • Hi I can't believe you haven't had any tests. Blood tests are not really the answer to determine IBS, you really should ask your GP if he will refer you to a Gastrologist. This is comeing from someone who's had IBS for 13yrs, and I've had every test available to cross out any other problems.You do have the right to ask to see a Gastrologist. I have chronic IBS so Beleive me get it sorted. Good Luck

  • I have heard many ppl say the doc felt their tummies and diagnosed IBS, thats why I asked for further tests, 2yrs in and no better I need some answers and positivity. Im guessing the blood tests is the first way to rule other things out? I did have an ultrasound after my UTI last year to rule out gallstones/kidney stones, but if the bloods come back with nothing I will push further and ask to see a gastrologist.......can I just ask, ru UK or US? Thanks

  • Hi, yes Unfortunately there is a link. The bladder, bowel and gynae parts are in very close proximity in the pelvis and can irritate each other. I've had cystytis symptoms on and off for years and this year developed IBS with a flare up if cystitis which has lasted 6 months!!! Gastroenterologist says IBS and urologist is currently doing tests but says OBS can irritate the bladder, urghhh!!! I am currently in the low fodmap diet which has really helped the IBS but is very restrictive as I also hAve other food allergies. I started with INS C and really bad nausea which progressed to the IBSD. This was similar to your experience....it seemed to be triggered by certain goods and I had the terrible spasms which really irritated my bladder and urethra! I am currently taking an antibiotic every night. I tried to resist this but in desperation agreed to it and it seems to be ok so far.

  • Hi Teresa I am from the UK. 13yrs ago I started with just an uncomfortable Tummy,after lots of tests,different gastrologist,private,and NHS,and also various medications,also I had my gall stones out,I finally had a colonoscopy which I was told at the time,is the ultimate test to show any colon problems. I now don't suffer with just discomfort, it's now chronic pain.Ive been sent all over the country to see different Gastrolergist,I've also tried the FodMap diet which works for a great deal of people but not me. Next month I'm going to see a Hypnotherpist --- Gastrologist to see if that will help. Well now I've ranted on about me what I'm trying to say is try and get it sorted early,so you don't end up like me,I'm not trying to worry you ,im just trying to tell you to push your GP. Till you get what you have a right to. Rant Over Big Hugs.

  • Hi Gemini If you don't mind me asking - how did you find your Hypnotherapist? Recommended or found on the web? I have been conversing with a hospital that has 'The Big Cheese' Prof who does Gut Directed Hypno and they would've have welcomed my son but the good old CCG in my neck of the woods doesn't fund it!! Thanks in advance.

  • Hi sorry it's took me so long to get back to you, but I lost my site. Anyway I got my hypnotherapist through the NHS. His name is Proffesor Peter Whorell he's in Manchester. If I were you I'd give it on other go. Good Luck

  • Hi. Thanks for your reply. That is the one I've been emailing. What county do you live in? Were in poor Linc's. Thanks and good luck to you too.

  • Hi I'm in Staffordshire, Cannock to be precise. I have been under a Proffessor in Nottingham Hostpital,who actually referred me to this hypnotherapist / gastrologist. He said he was a friend" of his but there again I think they all know each other. Have you got him up on google ? You may find a phone no. I think a phone call they can't ignore like emails,but I would also put the pressure on your GP. If I can be of any help let me know

  • Hello Thank you very much You have been very helpful. I've found lots of evidence via Google. Armed and ready for the GP...and anyone else for that matter. Cheers again.

  • Good on you stamp your feet or you'll never get anywhere. I really really wish you luck. Big Hug to your child.

  • Read up on the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis. It seems that many who have this also suffer from IBS. I'm pretty sure I have both. The IC comes and goes in flares, usually not at same time as IBS, thank Heavens!

  • I suffered with constant cystitis for 7 years in the 90's. In those days they called it "urethral syndrome" and no amount of tests showed anything. My GP at one point, had me on 13 courses of antibiotics in one year - despite my samples showing no infection at all (I am convinced this exacerbated my IBS problems). After seeing several urologists over those years, I was referred to a brilliant female consultant who explained to me they thought cystitis symptoms can be caused by spasms in the bladder - very similar to the way IBS works. I also read Angela Kilmartins cystitis books which were brilliant - she recommends bottle washing after a BM, and going to the loo after sex - and if you follow her simple steps, you can almost be assured your problem is not bacterial. This is important, because if it is not an infection, there is no point taking antibiotics simply because the dr's don't know what else to give you.

    Good luckx

  • Totally agree, im a convert when it comes to antibiotics....dont get me wrong, if I REALLY have to take em I will, but I HATE all the side effects I get from taking them, ive had pustules on my scalp, vaginal bacteriosis to name but 2!! So I am taking homeopathy remedies for this bout of UTI, which I think has helped, but I have come on now so I need to go back in a week for another urine test. When you say bottle washing, do you mean literally boiled water washing every BM?


  • NO!!

    I have been googling to see whether I can copy and paste her bottle washing technique but whilst there is lots about it - the instructions seem only to be in her books. Fill two 500ml empty plastic bottles with warm water. Soap your anal area after a BM with one hand and unperfumed soap and then rinse your hand. Sit on the loo and tilt your pelvis slightly forward. Pour the water in a stream downwards, washing the soap off as you go. Dab dry with a clean flannel. This is a bit basic but you get the gist - she explains in more detail.


  • I had IBS-d and it was constant. It DID get worse on periods and,of course,if I had to take antibiotics for any reason.

    In my mind,if u have IBS then you will have a weakness,when something else crops up,health-wise,it will aggravate that condition. So if u are getting urine inf.s,ur IBS will prob flare up.I know mine does. I have a UTI at the minute,hence the antibiotics,which have aggravated my IBS.

    One thing I have never tried is Homeopathy. Everything else but that! Is it workable?

    Its like a vicious circle!

    Elaine xx

  • Im on the remedies still at the moment Elaine, I will keep you informed, I was SOOOOOO reluctant to take the antibiotics as I am half way thru a treatment for my IBS, and if you take antibiotics its a case of "gotta go back to square one" and have a remedy first to cleanse your system of the antibiotics first, before you can have any sort of treatments, because the antibiotics interfears with them.

    I have defo felt the remedies help with the UTI but not 100% sure its gone as I came on monday, so I need to go back in a weeks time to get urine checked again.

    Ifyou follow my profile I will keep posting info on how i am doing with the remedies for my IBS, and now my UTI as well....I am also going to see what the doc has to say about doing a breath sibo test, and what his thoughts are about my 2 weekly IBS flare ups and if they are hormone related, and if there is anything else I can try to reduce the symptoms (ie if my bloods come back with higher levels of something he thinks is causing my attacks?)

    If homeopathy doesnt help im going to maybe try a cleanse of my gut as per Kerrym212 advice and also maybe look at my whole food intake/stress etc as per advice I got off a website of a lady who has stopped her symptoms altogether, and then lastly hypnotherapy to see if that helps. There may not be a cure for IBS but im damn well gonna try and stop mine anyway I can x

  • Interesting info in all the above posts. I have had repeated UTIs but never made a link with IBS, although mine was only diagnosed at the beginning of this year (IBSc) I saw a locum DR in summer 2013 who sent me for kidney scan and put me on low dose long term a'biotic. I stayed on that for a year and came off in May/June 2014. Result? No UTIs during that period and for about 2months after coming off the a'biotics but then the whole thing just started up again in September and took 2courses of full a'biotics to clear up. I'm not keen on the long term a'biotics but is the homeopathy the only other solution?

  • See above comments Kerryjess, but I would give it a try, im very anti antibiotics due to the side effects ive had over the years, on a long course of antis for back acne I ended up with yucky pustules on my scalp, which with the help of homeopathy got rid of that, also after another course of antis I got vaginal bacteriosis, which again homeopathy got rid of, so you can see my reluctance to go back to antibiotics.....my advice is try different things and see what works for you, im currently on a course of homeopathy remedies for my IBS (as well as more treating my UTI), this is my second set of remedies (remedies are sugary pills impregnated with homeopathy oils) for my IBS as the first lot didnt shift it, but I did feel different, like my IBS was being suppressed? so fingers crossed with this second set xx

  • Hey all, thank you so much for your comments and advice, always totally welcomed. Been back tuesday and had bloods taken for tests on pretty much everything, total MOT lol. Im treating my UTI with homeopathy rather than the antibiotics (doc will kill me if he finds out) and so far I think its helped, but came on monday so urine test not conclusive, gotta go back in another week. Im going to also ask for a sibo breath test as KerryM212 advises that is a must. I hope the remedies help for both IBS and UTI, but if not I have my next set of things to try and conquer my IBS.....altho I do think recently I have recognised stress as being a big factor in my life and how it affects my skin (eczema), and my nails have grown so weak its pathetic. Im still going ot check out the route of hormonal being the main influence/cause of my IBS as its too much of a coincidence that I get an attack on average every 2 weeks. Any other thoughts guys??


  • I would very much like to know how you get on. Sometimes I think we NEED to concentrate on the cause(s) of IBS but then when I'm sitting on the loo for the umpteenth time in the night,I just want the actual symptoms to stop! I'm so tired from sleepless nights and yes,the wonderful cure of the pediatric Imodium seems to be fading. I'm SO disappointed. At first it was just great,then I had the antibiotics for UTI and the diarrhea came back with a vengeance. Then it settled and I thought wow,it was just the pills but yesterday and last night...back to 'normal'-on the loo,cramps,that nervous feeling etc.

    Just fed up,BUT I wont give up! I'll try anything,literally.If I can afford it cos I'm only on benefits.

    There is hypnotherapy again and homeopathy,which Ive tried for other probs and it worked very well,but again,it was expensive. I don't fancy these bowel washout things.I REALLY don't like people messing with my insides,but.....

    Sorry to moan,just fed up!

  • Yeah Colonic irrigation is another route I guess. Im lucky I can afford to try different things as the NHS doesnt help at all, "cant cure it, so just take pain killers for the spasms".....to me this isnt good enough, I want off of this crappy round about that is my IBS life, no-one other than another sufferer can understand or appreciate the crap we go through, the highs and lows and constant apprehension.

    I came across this site recently....http://diyhealthblog.com/ she sounds really good and informative, having suffered herself with IBS, and how she changed her life to help her IBS go away, so it prooves it can be done, we just all need to find our own fix, just a shame it takes us so long.

    I will keep reporting back as much as I can....I think that is the trick to us all finding fixes...by the information gained through fellow sufferers.

    Dont worry about moaning, we are all there one day or another!!! x

  • Well,today hasnt been too bad tho Ive been whizzing out to the loo a few million times. I'll live,its not going to gt m down. well,it does,but its only a brief moan,u know? Yes,its all about tying and hoping something will work and sharing on here.

    I have an appointment with the phone clinic next week. Ill talk over whats been happening and maybe the nurse will offer some advice.

    Thanks for listening xx

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