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Three years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis, after two laparoscopys and a strict diet I have now been told by my consultant there is no visible traces of endo left.

It's quite strange though as I still get pains in my right side and feel sick a lot. I find that caffeine, chocolate, wheat/gluten and alcohol are massive triggers.

I have read that endo and ibs are linked and sometimes it is possible to develop ibs when you have had endo.

Has anyone experienced the same or anything similar?

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Hi, My history is very similiar to yours in my early twenties I had my first laparoscopy as I kept on getting pains in the lower pelvis around the time of the month but nothing at that time was found and I was told I had IBS I cut out lots of foods that I had identified as food triggers including gluten/wheat and caffeine to a degree this did help but I was still suffering. I carried on like this for a number of years until after the birth of my son 10 year ago when I started getting very bad pelvic pain around the time of the month again, I then had another laparoscopy and this time small deposits of endo where found in the pelvic cavity but too small to worry about I was told, I was given a mirena coil and told to get on with life basically, nice I know...I carried on until 4.5 years ago when I had another big flare up of IBS I had also noticed by this time that dairy seemed to be causing a flare up, So I am now dairy free as well and although the IBS does still flares up (as there is no cure) it's not as much as it used to but I still have pelvis pain. So basically yes I do think there could be a link for us girls but I'm not a medical expert. Leesa.


I had endo for years when they finally opened me up it was the worse the gyne had ever seen. I was never diagnosed with endo always told it was IBS. Three operations for hysterectomy as endo was that bad attached to everything, i thought I would feel better. IBS still there having a bad time since xmas, my IBS is intermittent take mebeverine 3 times day works most of the time.


I was really interested to read your message as I never put the two together!! I suffered really bad with endo for years and now have crippling IBS. The consultant knows this but he told me it wasn't related so I thought no more about it. Of course it now becomes apparent that he was telling me rubbish (not surprising as it seemed he just wanted to get me out the door). I have now completed my menopause though so maybe that's why he dismissed it. Tried the FODMAPS to no avail. I didn't have dairy or wheat for 6 months and it made no difference and my poor stomach suffered as a consequence (it was like rats clawing at the insides) until I started having milk again. That feeling went but the pain, bloating and tiredness remained the same whatever I have tried. My latest is trying Sperulina mixed with fruit juice and golden linseeds - I have to say I have had some improvement but still unwell. You have my sympathy!!


Thankyou for your replies.

After doing lots of Internet research it does seem that the two can be linked. IBS can be brought on by stress and endo is a massive cause of stress.

I guess now I just need to find what foods i can and cannot eat.

Had a look at the FODMAP diets, might give them a go.

I've been told to keep a diary of daily food, drink and symptoms, think that's probably the best idea.

Hope you are all fighting well. Just nice to know we are not in this alone.


Hi I too have a history of very bad endometriosis, I had ibs symptoms from puberty and have had some very bad flare ups especially over the past few years. Ive had colonoscopy, scans, blood tests, seen dieticians etc. i do find that hormone based contraceptives make my symptoms worse even the mirena coil, was glad to get it removed to be honest as got a lot worse whilst that was in situ :( i have to say trying the low fodmap diet did help me identify foods that made my symptoms worse, with me it tends to be certain vegetables and fruit rather than gluten, though i dont tolerate too much bread or dairy in great quantities, i do have some in my diet just need to take it easy. Stress is a major factor for me as i have a child with severe autism things are often rather stressful and im often tired as she rarely has a good sleep pattern plus i have other children too. The pain you mention i just wonder if they've ever scanned your ovaries? i was found to have a cyst which had to be drained a couple of years ago and am due to be scanned again soon as have a lot of lower pain again..just worth mentioning i thought.

Hope you find somthing that helps you to feel better, its always an individual thing what works for one doesnt always work for another.

Take care x


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