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Ive been told that after three colonoscopy's I have ibs and I've had this for over three years my gp gave me fybogel, I take this twice aday.However, with no discernable results, I have now began buying Colpermin and I am taking this two capsules three times aday for two weeks again with no results. I have a full time shift job and my ibs is beginning to affect my work in that I am going to the toilet an average of 4 or 5 times in a shift and words or being said. My symptoms are bloating heartburn stomached cramps and wind, and no hunger pangs I really don't feel hungry, this I could live with, it's going to the toilet so many times a day 8 or nine times in a day, if we go anywhere I have to make sure there's a toilet around, my gps have not been helpfull they say oh it's Ibs.

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This may not be the answer, Steve but I have tried the same sort of things with mixed results.

One thing I notice is that my normal porridge breakfast and normal routine was changed last week when we visited friends for a week. I took no gel or tablets but had a changed diet.

Fresh orange juice before my corn flakes at breakfast. More bread than I normally have at lunch (white) normal meat and veg in the evening and no snacking.

Bowel movements and consistency changed for the better so I am trying one new thing at a time to see if it keeps going well.



Hey steve let me tel you first hand i know what this is like it may not be wheat or dairy screwing u up do u have alot of fruit onions garlic etc if i were you i would go bak to your doctors and ask for a lactose intolerance test n a lactulose test that tests for sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth dont confuse the two be very specific and a fructose malabsorption test after a colonoscopy so many different blood tests after seeing 3 dieticians 2 gastrologists n how many doctors who all say its stress or lets put u on antidepressants the last diectian advised me that she will advise my doctor to send me for these tests as i should of had them in the 1st place i know they say everyone is different but i believe we are all similar hope this helps :)


sounds like good suggestions. What about celiac (gluten) test?


i have IBS C . The GI doctor gave me a sheet of dietary tips: For diarrhea good foods are banana, white rice, rice crackers, rice milk, white meat chicken. Pedialye for rehydration NOT Gatorade. Foods that cause bloat: most probiotics, cheese, carbonated beverages, all artificial sweeteners, zone or power bars, green tea, fructose corn syrup, garlic, onions, MSG.


Hi Steve2, Fybogel did absolutely nothing for me and unfortunately psyllium husks didn't either, trouble is, everyone is so different. I think the best route is diet as I'm waiting for my dietician to be trained before going on the FODMAP diet.

texty89, what a good dietician you have by suggesting those tests, best of luck to you as well.


Hi grandmother thank u i see a gastrologist in 2 weeks cant bloody wait but this time im not gonna let them fob me off like before im going to insist for the tests and ask for more information to try and help me I no every1 says noone is the same and everyone has different triggers and their ibs is deifferent from other people but I believe that everyone with IBS must have something in common right so hopefully they find something to help us all soon or we find all our triggers and get better I wish everyone luck!!


Hi there, I too recently had a colonoscopy and was told ibs..Ive found that i feel less bloated after removing wheat/gluten and avoiding lactose I dont cut all dairy you can buy lactose free ice cream and milk at the supermarkets. Im awaiting a dietician appt as they advised me to follow the low fodmap diet which has seen excellent results for many people who suffer from ibs. the heartburn though could be attributed to ulcers?? I am taking lanzoprazole and thats really helped with heartburn. Fybogel made me feel much worse in fact any bulking agent or lactulose did..if i need to take anything to help me move my bowels I use senokot, drink lots and lots of water and increase my exercise.. I still have bad days and like you too scared to venture too far from the loo!! I hope you find somthing that helps you soon. take care


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