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IBS, acid reflux maybe?

Hi. I've been okay for the passed 2 weeks but until now. I walked into town my anxiety was bad. But all of a sudden I felt well felt like I was going to be sick. I went through the motions of throwing up but nothing comes out then after that happened I was fine for a bit then it came back. Now I don't know if it's just wind or acid reflux the it makes my stomach feel horrible it's a kinda ache but it's not if that makes sense? I came back home I was absolutely starving I had some food then I felt really unwell again with stomach comfort it's horrible. Now what I don't get is it feels like something hits my tonsils which makes me go through the motions of being sick but don't feel like acid because normally I feel it coming up my chest. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.



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I think acid reflux can cause lots of different problems depending on which part of the digestive tract is not working well. I have a type where I feel pain across my ribs with a huge feeling of un- wellness and nausea, and I come over all hot and very tired, but there is no heartburn or vomiting. On the other hand my husband has a type where he gets an irritating cough, no heartburn, but reflux and nausea feeling, needing him to go and spit. We both got given Omeprazole (a proton pump inhibitor) to calm things down. Also activities can contribute. Mine comes on after exercise, then eating, or vice versa. Go back and check with your doctor again, telling him where you were and what you were doing when you felt bad including the need to eat again afterwards. It may help diagnose what treatment you need.


It's strange tbh. I did forget to say that I find anixety triggers the one or the other off I can't seem to go out much because of it. When this did happen I felt the need to go to the toilet I was actually stuff because it was diareha which I couldn't hold neither because of it. Having the need to go to the toilet when you're out and about is the wrong timing :/


Yes it's vile being caught short when you're not at home and the anxiety of it happening definitely triggers IBS. Nerves have a lot to answer for. Sounds like you could do with something to help your stomach calm down all round. You could try asking at a pharmacy next time you feel well enough to go out, they have lots of experience and may be able to advise you.

Best of luck, hope it gets sorted.


My anxiety is the worst when I'm out but when I'm in my own comfort zone it's kinda okay.

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I'm having same symtoms ive a colostomy and s

uffer with constipation its been arund for 6 weeks now


It sucks doesn't it.


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