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ibs, acid reflux and exhaustion

I have had ibs for oever a year was getting a bit better but now have bad acid reflux. Took ppis the acid suppressing medications but reacted so badly to them , exhaustion, dizziness etc that I came off them. Of course this meant that the acid reflux got bad again but nearly 2 weeks after finishing the medication still feel very wobbly and exhausted and not functioning well at all. Had blood tests for blood sugar, anaemia etc. all ok blood pressure and heart ok. Anybody else feel like this I know that anxiety may be contributing but it cannot possibly account for the degree of exhaustion and depression I am experiencing. Help!

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I feel the same I can sleep all night and some of the day too ive had blood check which was negative for anything else to explain how I feel. At first I was on omeprazole which didnt help me, dont give up there must be a reason weve just got to find it.


Have you tried a FODMAP diet for IBS (helps with reflux also)).. free list at fodmap.org I found that cutting out all fruit and veg for a couple of weeks got rid of my acid reflux, then I introduced the ones allowed on the list one every couple of days and found the ones that caused the reflux (salad veg especially lettuce). Thats just my story.......you will find your own triggers.


Hi Annie-w

Sounds like you are chronically fatigued. You are not alone. Ask for a referral to your local chronic fatigue/ME service. You may not meet the criteria for CFS/ME but they can still offer advice to try and help you manage better. The best advice I can give is "less is more". Try making yourself do less, really hard when you have a house to run, work to go to etc but seriously let yourself do less. After a few weeks/months there is a good chance you will start to feel a little better and find that your don't feel quite as bad and can cope better. Don't go over doing it. Keep to the less is more but the longer you keep it up, the more you should find you can do. I think its just a case of giving your body time to heal/adjust. Its a really slow process so just try and give yourself the time.


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