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Update on condition and clinic appointments

An update to this post: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

My GP decided to try me on Fybogel again and once again it resulted in hard stools and this then caused bleeding, most likely from fissues! Therefore, I stopped taking this after a month.

I decided to go back to trying more natural options and have found that the charcoal tables from holland & barrett are much improved from years ago, these have helped quite a bit for the bloating and wind, although this hasn't disappeared completely! I have been taking these along with aloe vera capsules and magnesium and zinc. I have also been drinking peppermint or chamomile tea, both of which have helped a bit.

I have just started taking Lepicol Plus today so shall see how this goes combined with all the stuff I am already trying!

The only part of my GI tract that hasn't been tested visually, is my stomach, I expect if my Calprotectin levels haven't went down, then this might be the next step, although given my horrible experiences in the past, I am dreading this, but if it needs to be done then I'll just have to go!

I also read in a book about IBS by Marilyn Glenville that states that IBS does produce some local, low-level inflammation, yet my GP and Consultant never mentioned this, so I wonder whether this has caused the raised Calprotectin?!

I am trying to remain positive and keep telling myself there is no cure and if these products even help to reduce symptoms only slightly, then it's better than nothing....right?!

Anyway, I am happy to hear suggestions or comments which could help me out or anybody else's experiences with the products I am trying.

Many thanks :)

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Have you tried a dairy free diet - it has worked for me (age 65 when diagnosed - now going on 67) - I am very strict about it

A colonoscopy isn't that bad and it tells the conultant so much. Moviprep to be taken the day before for this and cancer was ruled out straight away


Have cut down on dairy and replaced with soya and rice milk, I can tolerate small amounts of dairy though :)


I have been tested by Yorktest and found to have a mild cow's milk intolerance...however, as a scientist I have looked in to their methods of testing and am not 100% happy with their theories. I can't eat ice cream as it makes me ill, whereas I can have chocolate and be fine. This is probably more likely due to the lactose content of these products. I only have soya milk when coffee shops don't have other alternatives, I stick to rice milk. I am not happy about cutting out wheat as I genuinely don't think this is the problem and have tried to do so in the past, in fact, any time I have cut out dairy and wheat 100% I have ended up feeling worse, but I don't eat a lot of either anyway. Apples and things like pulses are more problems for me and so I avoid them where I can. However I am grateful for your suggestion as I know cutting out these foods has worked for so many people :)


it is so frustrating ,we spend hours trying to get help researching as much as possible to get some relief from all this.I have been reading about Annatto.It is a natural food colouring,it is used to colour ice cream,red cheese,anything that has a red colour, and tons of other foods.Please read up on it ,it has had loads of side effects and caused lots of health problems.I nearly purchased some fish cakes with no Artificial Additives,turned over checked label and it stated product did contain Annatto that may be unsuitable for people with dietry issues.Intrigued I looked it up when I got home,I was really suprised how many food stuffs it is in.Food labels are allowed to state No artificial additives,as this is a Natural plant ,But it really is an issue.There is loads of info on the internet about Annatto.


Thanks for this, will keep an eye out for it!


Hi thanks for you suggestion, I could be intolerant to that but have recently had lactofree milk and have been fine with it, difficult to tell with ibs though sometimes! I am on life-long medication for stomach acid following the h.pylori infection as I have possible ulceration of the stomach, I know a side effect of this medication can be diarrhea but the gp is sure it isn't that due to me being on it for so long then all of a sudden getting a change in ibs symptoms, plus I tried going without it for a while and diarrhea didn't improve. Pulses are definitely a problem for me, can no longer have anything with chickpeas as I find them the worst! I have a FODMAP app on my phone so I can check whether foods are friendly or not and try to follow that as much as I can, symptoms are gradually improving, I just need to keep my fingers crossed the inflammation dies down! x


Thanks, will pick some up & give them a try :) x


Thanks Kerry, I do try to make my food from scratch and eat fresh foods as much as possible. It's shocking the things that they put in some food!


Can you tell me the exact charcoal tablets you are taking?

Charcoal soaks up other medication.


Holland & Barrett's activated charcoal. I checked and it shouldn't absorb anything I'm taking.


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