Ok so i know this isn't the best place to post things like these buuuuuut people have been asking about it so why not eh? As many have you told me to get help which I have done. I'm seeing this lady on Thursday about going to an clinic which helps me with my eating problem. I mean I really dont want to go but I have to and I'm pushing myself to do so. Today i was told I looked very pale but I didn't really notice or care because I felt really ill and weak. Though I did eat, it didn't take long for me to be stood over the toliot throwing up. I have been struggling and it's getting worse. I've lost my apptite. I've also recently joined the gym! Not only that but I'm also doing alot of exersise I feel really light headed though my heart races then slows down I feel rather sick but I try and push past that. I've caught myself a few times as I've nearly fallen. My bones ache as well. I can't breathe properly either which is a problem...I know that a few of you are mad about posting here but I litrally had a moment of madness. I was rushing and was JUST about to go out which is why i asked. sorry if I offended you I didn't mean too I'm sorry! Anyway back to the update thingy. The lady I'm seeing is a specialist in these sort of things and is decideing weather i should go ot not. I'm also getting counceling which as kind of helped. It's kind of annoying though how my coulceler keeps telling me that I'm going to die if I don't eat and I'm going to be in a coma and then goes on a lecture. It's rather annoying but I'm not really complaining. Anyway this is my lil update or whatever I am truely sorry if I offended you I didn't even relize what part of the comunity I was on. X

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  • I am pleased you embraced what we shared with you and i hope you will continue to do the right things to save yourself from harm.... and death.....yes it is annoying when you hear things you dont want to hear...but it is for your own good.

    Maybe doing things like gym to extreme . maybe doing more harm than good if you physically are not ready for that yet.Discuss with your councillor.

    Keep on with the councillors and updating here and try and not be too stubborn...bearing in mind that it is for your own good nobody else.

    Pereverance is all it takes.well done and take things one day at a time.

  • Ah okay. I'll another update soon then lol

  • Hello Spicypepper I'm amazed anyone could be offended by you posting on here you are going through such a horrible time

    I'm sure I've seen a forum for eating disorders on "my communities ? "

    Hope you don't mind me asking are you making yourself sick ?

    There is also an anxiety forum if that would help you

    I do hope that the lady you are seeing will help you please go you won't regret it you can't go on like this

    Sending you hugs 😉

  • Yes I am. And thank you! I didn't know. :)

  • Hi Spicy Pepper,

    Well done for getting some outside support. You have taken a big step forward.

    Watch out on overdoing exercise. Have a look at this post to understand why and the traps we can fall into : sickofibs.com/well-being/ib...

    The secret is trying things out, and listening to your body. Go gently with yourself. Forcing yourself will probably make things worse. Take baby steps - and you will get there.

    Have a great day,


  • Thank you

  • Good luck, be brave and God bless. xx

  • Hi I am soooo glad you are seeking help. WELL DONE !

    Its not good to exercise on empty your heart will wonder what on earth is happening.

    Leave exercise allone till you can eat normally; they would be affraid for you at the gym if they knew.

    Just keep allowing people to help you; we all want you to be healthy and happy-so-this could be your goal-back -of -the-net

    To your GOOD HEALTH !

    Sending you MUCH LOVE and thoughts for your future PS please continue to keep me posted

  • Sure will! I'll post as soon as I can :)

  • You were in such a bad place when you posted originally that the only real help we could give ypu was to try to get you to make the first move in getting professional help.

    Look forward to knowing how you progress. Sometimes we all need a virtual helping hand.

  • Of course x

  • Dear SpicyPepper. I agree with what others have said here. Trying to exercise without sufficient food inside you is like trying to run a car without any petrol in the tank! The food we eat gives us the energy to exercise and just perform daily tasks. So until you can find a way to get some food inside you and keep it there to allow your body the time to convert it into energy, you really must NOT exercise in the gym. If you need to get out, try walking somewhere nice and enjoy the sights and sounds of the countryside. But GENTLY! Don't try and power walk, just walk normally and when you feel tired, then rest.

    Good luck to you. I hope you return to good health before too long.

    All the best, Angus

  • Awe thank you x

  • Hello. We are all on here to seek help and to help others so please do keep updating us. I'm so glad to hear that you have a counselor helping you and that it has started to make a difference. Please take care with exercising. Angus' suggestion about gentle walking outside is a great idea. Good luck with your session on Thursday, let us know how you get on. :) Linda xx

  • I sure will! 😊

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