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Does anyone have pain which isn't always immediately relieved by a BM?

I'm having a bad flare up at the moment, and went to a NHS IBS wellbeing day today. The gastro Dr mentioned the diagnostic criteria and emphasised the relief from pain after a BM symptom as important. When I have a bad flare up, I have to go several times in a couple of hours or so, but each time doesn't help much - still leaves me feeling rubbish and in pain. Having had this for years, I trust my GP but being an anxious wreck at times, it's made me worry!!

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I don't find a bm helps either sometimes I feel worse and I have had all the tests etc I am sitting here in pain right now and suffering from bad constipation! ibs is horrible and does vary for pele,on symptoms etc I have had it for nearly 30 years! Hope you feel better soon x


Thank you for that - it does help to know that other people have symptoms which are outside the box regarding IBS criteria. I sometimes feel worse afterwards too. I have had IBS for at least 20 years and it's the unpredictability that gets me down as much as anything. I go through stages of needing to go a lot, then I can't go. A flare up comes out of the blue as well. It has become much worse since the menopause but then, so has my anxiety!!


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