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Does anyone sometimes have worse pain and gurgling after a BM?

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If so, any theories as to why, when all the IBS criteria says it should be relieved after a BM. This doesn't happen all the time, but even after going properly, I can end up feeling bloated and horrible on occasion.

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Yes I have had same problems, particularly when ibs is at its meanest stage. I am ibs c predominant so I put it down to backed up gas. Ginger tea helped me the most. Take care

Yes, I find pain can be brought on by a BM no matter what it's like. I dread going to the loo. After 6 years I am at the end of my tether with pain etc, unemployable, affecting my marriage, totally financially dependant on my husband because I don't qualify for any help whatsoever, destroyed any social life, and still the doctors just tell you to get on with it and "consider yourself lucky you aren't dying of bowel cancer" (one GI consultant I saw last year!).

Rant over. I keep being told IBS should be relieved by a BM but I have never found this to be the case.

Thanks both of you. I am predominantly IBS/C so that might have something to do with it. I wonder how many people on this site have largely given up going to their GP, because even though they usually don't voice their thoughts so bluntly, I wouldn't be surprised if it's what many of them think. I sometimes wake up with a relatively calm bowel, to find that as soon as I've been to the loo, I'm in for trouble all day.

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I’ve given up going to GP! I think I have had IBS for over 5 years but I have never had it diagnosed nor have I had any hospital investigations. It has so many various symptoms and changes all the time! I sympathise with everyone on here who is suffering but it is worth trying some of the suggestions, you never know one or more may help, GPS just don’t have time or patience to deal with it.🤔

Could you explain what a BM is please? I have IBS too but don't know this term. Hope you're having an OK day.


BM means bowel movement. Yes when my IBS is bad I can get more gurgling & pain after going to the loo (am predominantly IBSd) it can mean I need to go again soon but not always.

Thanks Tabitha. The only thing I could think of that fitted BM was Barium Meal and wondered why my GP had never suggested it!!! My gurgling doesn't seem to be connected to whether I've used the loo or not - it's there most of the time. Still, at least it makes my grandchildren laugh!

Describing it as "gurgling" does not do it justice. The pain can be debilitating and makes me feel very nauseous. The discomfort is horrible!

That's my main symptom (minus the gurgling). For 10 years I've suffered from post BM stabbling pain that is only relieved by sleeping. Hard to do when in pain! I also have PD so constipation is a given. The pain started after preparation for a colonoscopy. I finally found a wonderful GI doctor who says my pain is 45% dietary (sensitivity to certain food groups including broccoli, soy protein and calcium carbonate) and 55% neuromuscular. So diet, exercise, water and enjoying life--and lot of research

I used yo have the odd couple of days a month in pain which I could manage since having a colonoscopy it has upset things 24/7 no let up only symptom I don't have is Diarrhoea, lots of pain, gurgling etc

It would be interesting to find out how many are suffering after a colonoscopy - that's not the cause of my pain. I seem to be more anxious as I get older and the IBS has got worse in relation to this. I also get incredibly sensitive skin on my face, and I have read somewhere there is a link between this and gastro symptoms - something to do with the immune system.

Yes, that is one of my symptoms. I have mixed IBS C and D. It usually happens when I am in IBS C phase. Hope to hear back from others on possible treatments

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