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Yesterday I had a colonoscopy , there were problems getting the camera all the way round my colon

because I was already in agony, so the Consultant has referred me for a CT scan. He did find non specific patches of inflammation on my colon, and wants to find out if this is what is cauing me so much pain every day. Has anyone ever heard of this before or experienced it, or even knows the cause of it ? thanks

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Yes I had something similar but was refused a CT scan because I am a 29 year old female that "might want to have children" (doctors words not mine I have no desire towhatsoever and keep telling them that!). The bowel prep landed me in A&E due to uncontrollable vomiting and I kept losing consciousness due to pain in addition to the horrific diarrhoea it is supposed to trigger. I was in agony also during the procedure despite maximum sedation, anti-spasmodics and pain relief. The pain lasted for a week, by which time I lost my job and was no further to finding any answers. This was 11 months ago (I've been ill for 5 1/2 years at this point). I sympathise with you and hope you find some answers soon and the CT gets done quickly! Good luck!


Thanks for your reply whiteladder42, I hope I get some answers very soon. I dont get why all this is such a long road for everyone, why do they take so long to sort it. ? Does anyone know if this is a normal scan or do they use dye or barium... ?


Barium would normally be used for an Endoscopy not a colonoscopy. I've had them both.


I had a dye for my ct scan, in the blood system



I have experienced sufficient pain for 'them' not to be able to complete the colonoscopy. I didn't ask for a colonogram a couiple of years later (2 months ago) but I explained that a repeat 'oscopy might end up the same way so I was given the colonogram. This was not that straightforward for me either as even the air they put in I found extremely dostressing, but as I wasn't in a twilight sleep, as I was able to decide that 'they' should continue. he preparation was something I could have done without as it involves more than for a colonoscopy.

I then had an endoscopy to check from the top down and that was much better.The only downside since is that the spray put on my throat has made my throat super sensitive; whoich is hopeless for trying to get rid of my tonsiloliths (probably you haven't heard of them).

The upside is that having had so many preps seems to have helped my condition generally. I still have diverticular disease and I still have IBS

In all it seems it is all about weighing up the pros and cons of everything on offer in the dark world of our digestive systems.

Best of luck.


What I find depressing about being told that one has ibs, is that are no solutions, mainly because everyone seems to have conflicting symptoms, I was told to keep a food diary, trouble what upsets me one day, at a later date can have no effect, When I was initially told, I did go on to the internet, big mistake, a lot of folk keen to part you from your cash! with what seem very spurious promises of a cure,wouldn't it be wonderful if someone came up with a magic pill!


I had a very patient and kind GI doctor who, after 2 failed colonoscopies by another GI, patiently completed mine. Took twice as long as anticipated due to twisting of colon. I was out! Results, no inflammation, some diverticulosis, and telescoping (?) no polyps. Pain is largely neuromuscular (I also have PD)


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