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I'm looking for help or advice to Help me live with this.

I was sent for the joys of a colonoscopy in December 12 an was told by the hospital it was IBS/IBD - but that there was no Crohns/Colitis etc.

Phoned my doctors this morning and was asked by the doctor what was making me think I had IBS/IBD.........apparently, the hospital report came back with no mention of IBS.......and the doctor that has prescribed me buscopan hadn't updated anything.

Anyways - any hints or tips available???

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I'd ask to be referred back to the gastroenterologist responsible for your colonoscopy and get things straightened out properly. It's difficult enough to get medical help with a confirmed diagnosis of IBS let alone without one. Try and get a referral to a dietitian as well.



My GI doctor was very kind and sympathetic. We finally succeeded in my having a complete colonoscopy and the results are diverticulosis (not painful) , a mucuous patch in the neighborhood of where I get my pain and since I also have PD my IBS-C pain is partly neuromuscular and partly diet. I told her about FODMAPs and she got all excited. She gave me referral to dietitians but haven't reached one yet. MEantime PT for ab pain helps!


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