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My doc done no test said I have ibs and give me buscopan but tonight I am really scared I have sharp stabbing like pains and my stool was stringy like skin I really don't know how to explain it wasn't normal my stomachs making loads of popping noises and vibrations I am just 16 years old with no family history of cancer atall I am really scared and thinking about Goin hospital now please help what will the hospital do for me if I went there now can someone please im very anxiety prone

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Hi james234

So sorry to hear you're having such an anxious time at such a young age. Please, please can I suggest that you go back to the doctor ( or a different doctor ) and explain how you are feeling. If you do have IBS anxiety makes it so much worse. I think it's human nature to "think the worst" but the symptoms that you describe can be a part of the whole IBS package. Maybe it would be helpful to have a supportive person at another Dr appointment ? You're young to cope with this on your own. Maybe you could also discuss the anxiety you are feeling, I know this makes my symptoms so much worse as IBS can be driven by emotions as well as a whole host of other things.

I wish you well & sincerely hope you will go and discuss this again.


Hi James, I take it you have been having Diarhea, and GP gave you the Buscapan for that. The popping and the sharp pain is probably just wind, as the Buscapan is slowing your Diarhea and causing this. My self I don't like Buscapan Ithink it causes more problems, it will change the way you go to the toilet. I take Colpamin when mine flares up, it is milder and just peppermint, but I find you can still go to the toilet as normal. I think you should go back to your GP if you are concerned, and ask for test to be done, to rule out all other conditions. Please don't stress about cancer. IBS can be scary, as seeing as you are so young, it will scare you. Stress will aggravate it more, stress is a big factor with IBS-D, also diet, fatty foods fizzy drinks, sugars. It might help if you can to keep a diary of what kicks yours off, and leave it out of your diet for a while, and then try it again, and it it flares up again you know you can't eat this anymore. But don't start just not eating. Some have tried the Fodmap diet, it works for some and not for others. Best to go back to your GP, and tell them your concerns, and take a friend or parent with you and don't let them fob you off with , no it's just IBS. Take care and try and stay calm. Good Luck. 🤔

Hey! It's a horrible experience and all you can ever really feel at this time is anxious and nervous about what the heck your body is putting you through! At times like this though, you need confirmation of what your body is up to and how you can get back to a healthy life (minus this occurring everytime you need to use the bathroom) if I were you, I would book an emergency doctors appointment - or if it really is horrendous and going to the hospital will ease the anxiousness, do that! Either way, get professional advise and clarification as to what is happening! I wish you all the best, it really isn't easy at first but anything gets better with time! Always here - mermaid28

I have done but they haven't done any tests he has just looked at my symptoms and immediately told me it is ibs

Hi James

I totally agree with sashapet in that you need to be tested properly, no doctor can say you have IBS without carrying out some kind of test. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in 1996. The doctor diagnosed IBS once I had had those tests. How on earth any doctor can say you have IBS without carrying out tests I’ll never know. I also agree with AGood that you should try a different doctor as, after all, the one you went to hasn’t proved to be very good at all.

There are various factors of IBS i.e. diarrhoea, constipation, feeling sick, being sick (I am lucky enough not to have been sick), feeling very tired, lack of energy, bloating, significant amount of pain in the stomach which can also be in the groin, ribs, back and other area (I’ve only experienced pain in what I have mentioned here). IBS can be a debilitating illness but when you join this network you can be assured that you are never alone.

Best of luck with going back to the doctors and hope that it works out for you.


Your Doctor cannot say you have IBS without sending you to a gastrologist to have tests to rule out anything else. IBS is not a disease in itself it is just what doctors say you have when nothing else can be found and if you haven't had the tests then no doctor can say what you have.

Throughout your lifetime your bowels will produce different types of stools in a huge range from very loose almost water to very solid indeed. This is dependant upon what you are eating, the amount of exercise you do, whether you have a balanced diet etc etc. Wind and bring very bloated can sometimes be so painful you feel you will never be well again but it does pass on time and you need to keep a diary of what you have eaten to try to find out what makes that happen in your own digestive system.

Common causes are eating too fast followed by dashing around or doing exercise too soon after eating. You should leave an hour after a meal before exercising. Stress can cause lots of digestive problems. Try to stay calm.

I urge you to go back to your doctor or another one as suggested above if your problems don't go within a few days. You could get reassurance maybe from a family member or someone at school ?

Good luck and keep in touch on this site if you need more help

James234 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the reply it all happend when I ate my fish and then went to the gym straight away I had sharp pains like with this ibs I never really had pain until then so I was scared but I have anxiety this is how all this started when I got bad anxiety about 5 months ago I feel a lot better today but I am goin to see my gp tommorow and demand a test to be done

Hobbies in reply to James234

Good for you. Don't leave until you do.


hey I was diagnosed with i.b.s since 1995 im 46 years old I was given buscapan and lopermide also codeine its something uve got to live with as my doctor said

I agree with James please change your GP. You need investigative tests. Your GP is just making assumptions & you need a blood test & a stool test. I had these & on these results I was referred to a Consultat at the Hospital. A discussion followed- normally takes 3months to see one due to the waiting list. Further tests will be discussed & your anxieties too.

Take care.


Weird noises and vibrations can be a sign of IBS. Worrying about it can make it worse. Get a second opinion if you're really concerned.

Good luck with your Dr appointment tomorrow James. Would love to hear how you get on.

Best wishes.

Glad you're feeling better today and I hope your appointment with the GP goes well. Hopefully they will send you for some blood tests. These are standard and should be used to rule out other causes. The tests will look for signs that you have coeliac disease (which means you are allergic to gluten), cancer and infection. If these all come back negative, the most likely cause is IBS.

And, the symptoms you describe sound very much like IBS, too. You said they occurred after you had fish. Was this fried and in batter? If so then that doesn't surprise me. You should see how quickly I run to the toilet after fish and chips! Greasy food and wheat are two very common triggers for IBS and as soon as I reduced my intake of these my symptoms improved dramatically. Note, though, that you should still be able to manage wheat in small proportions (such as the limited amount found in sausages) and every now and then I treat myself to a Gü dessert or a small slither of cake. And also note that it is not the same as a gluten-free diet. You only need to follow this if you're diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Hi, I don't have coeliac disease but the Dietician decided on 1st Feb that I was wheat Intolerance as well as breath test for diagnosis. Will ask next time I see Cons this month.


wen my ibs fisrt stared after i had my baby i thought i was dieing and the more anious i got the worst the pain and other symtoms got try to relax i find reading listerning to music whilst sat wiv a hot water bottle as seems to help the pain a bit i cut lactose out of my diet and fatty fried foods this seems to of helped to i take merbevrine and buscapan so mab ask ya dr to add merbervine in as well as buscapan on it own didnt do to much gud luck

Been there bought the T shirt! Read up everything on the FodMap diet, eat yoghurt every day, a very important point and never be constipated, I started having 2 desert spoons of olive oil every day, sprinkled on my food for my heart. Had the effect of helping with IBS symptoms, tummy a lot quieter and constipation is better. Read the food labels, when you know what upsets you. (I can't eat chips they contain flour) My last advice is be cool - stress will make you ill. Hope you find something to help you.


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