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Candida...Horopito & aniseed


Has anyone come across or used the herb Horopito with aniseed for candida?

I am wondering if it is FODMAP friendly?

Also I have been told candida yeast feeds on glucose. So if I am on FODMAPS ( sugar, fructose reduced) and that has been hugely beneficial for me then how is it possible to have both overload of fructose and glucose? Is it not correct that FODMAP is useful ESP with fructose because the system does not have enough glucose to absorb the fructose?

Confused! Hope someone knows.....

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Hi Ibsr,

No, I've never heard of horopito, but I did test positive for candida early last year, did the diet for 4 months until improvement plateaued, then had a further test which was clear. After that, I found FODMAPs and have very successfully been on it since mid-December.

Have you had a positive test result for candida?


Hi Pagan

I had a Biotron test done and it says 'likely' candida.

I have been on FODMAPS since feb but last two months pain symptoms started again but only just before a period ( which is how the pain occurred first 20 years ago).

At my wits end. Been to an Ayurvedic 'Dr' and now the nutrionist....both have not listened to me when I said I am on FODMAP and cannot take ANY sugars. Both gave me herbs or probiotic that are blatantly labelled with one form or another of sugars. If my brain worked I would have stayed clear or at least checked the ingredients in front of them..but you do go to these people because you trust them!

An expensive learning curve to just heal myself!

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Tell me about expensive! I've spent a small fortune on snake oil 'remedies' and people who claim to know what they're talking about, most are just out to lighten our wallets.

Having said all that, I'm now going to say, that if you want a definitive candida test done, by a real microbiologist, in a real lab, spend another £60 and go to this website:

If I hadn't had the test and cleared the candida, FODMAPs wouldn't have worked half so well for me.


Thanks Pagan

What exactly do they do? And what remedies did you do before the FODMAPS?

Are you completely symptoms free now?

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You send a stool sample by post to a lab in Germany (lol). There are several different test combinations available, all of which look at candida as a primary concern, it depends on how much you want to spend. It takes 2 - 3 weeks to get the results back which are sent by email and followed-up with a hard copy. You can then ring or email the microbiologist who did your test for further advice if you like. I did this and got a lot of help.

Prior to FODMAPs and apart from the candida diet (which cleared about 30% of my symptoms), I did the usual run of elimination stuff, some of which gave a mild improvement. Then Dr Read at the IBS Network suggested FODMAPs to me (which I'd never heard of) and within less than a week of starting on it, I found my symptoms had diminished hugely.

I've stuck with it for 7 months now and am still finding foods that, although on the 'safe' list, actually give me a problem - my most recent discovery being blueberries.

No, I'm not completely symptom-free, I'd say that on average I'm 'normal' for about 90% of the time. It would be nearer to 100% if I didn't get tempted to eat off the diet more than is good for me, but sometimes, after I've had a run of feeling great for a couple of weeks together, I kid myself into thinking that maybe I'm cured and launch into eating badly, so serves me right, I should know better by now.

At the moment I'm experimenting with aloe vera juice and digestive enzymes. Haven't got the dosage of the enzymes low enough yet so they've been giving me a bit of a problem over the last few days, maybe they'll turn out not to be suitable for me at all and I'll have wasted yet more money, but you have to keep trying, don't you?

Hope this is helpful.


Ibsr in reply to Hidden

Thanks Pagan, well I have the Horopito and the probiotic have been ordered so will try that.

Am due to hv breath tests at the hospital tomorrow so not doubt the probiotic etc will be helpful after ingesting the lactose and glucose. Plus I 100% do not want to take antibiotics so will see.

Allow Vera is next on the to try list. Hope it works for you:-)

I know that I have yeast problems because I get oral thrush... right now it's not too bad and just looks like geographic tongue.

I did a course of Horopito and Aniseed last year. It certainly didn't cure me, but it might have been slightly helpful - it's hard to say because actually things weren't too bad at that point. I'm not sure if I'd recommend it.

There's a much bigger thing going on with me though, and that's nutritional deficiencies. Eating gluten seems to stop my gut dead in its tracks, so nutrients don't get through, and that makes the yeast problems worse within days. Going on a gluten challenge earlier this year lead to the reemergence of the oral thrush, and it took me about four months to get over it. I got inadvertently glutened this weekend, and on Monday it looked worse again.

I've used candidatest too... no candida testing is 100% reliable but some methods are downright useless in my opinion (the spit test, saliva antibodies). Candidatest seems to be the best option. They analyse a mouth swab and stool sample. They got me a postive result on the mouth swab where the NHS lab failed.

I should add that my yeast infection isn't candida, but another type.

Ibsr in reply to poing

Hi Poing, thanks for yr reply. Am going to try the Horopito, ESP as I have to take lactose, glucose tomorrow and know I will be in agony after so hoping the Horopito helps:-)

I wonder have you tried FODMAP diet? It could be fructans in heat that are causing the problem? I thought my issue was gluten but since going on FODMAP noticed it s much more the FODMAP type of foods that triggers my pain.

Fingers x'd we all get there soon:-)

poing in reply to Ibsr

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've been exploring the options for about two and half years already and narrowed things down. I only seem to have a problem with wheat and baker's yeast, and I eat a lot of FODMAPs without any adverse effects. The wheat and bakers yeast problems seem to be immune responses, because in the worst case they made my glands and lymph nodes swell. I know where I am... still working on getting better!

Horipeto & aniseed with only the best probiotics will eliminate candida only when the gut flora is balanced can other issues have a chance of being addresses, correcting vitamin and mineral deficiency will then be successful . I have been battling graves since my teens as I grew older other illnesses came to light, you find yourself going round in circles not knowing which illness to address first . My children have now been very poorly one diagnosed with ME the other with low liver function and fatigue. I have tried to to get them both tested with GPS for graves and other illness now linked because of deficiencies . I cannot bear to see my children suffer the horrendous life this disease holds for there future. Iam now taking this into my own hands. The first thing I will do is put them on horipeto &aniseed with probiotic to help balance the gut flora then address deficiencies I know are related to theses conditions . My eldest daughter can't have bloods taken as she had a fit when she first had them taken and won't allow anyone near her now. I have researched many things over the years and feel this is the only way to stop any further suffering for myself and my girls. I think you have to find out as much information from other people as you can and research all aspects of gut flora , thyroid,adrenal vitamin & mineral deficiency . Only when you know what your problems are can you then start to repair the damage caused . Shelly

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