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Is sweet potato low fodmap?


I'm on the low fodmap (not excluding fructose) diet.

I recently realised that sweet potato isn’t on the list of allowed foods that my NHS dietician gave me, but I have been eating 80g of it almost every day. (I think I must have got confused and read it was OK to eat somewhere else). My dietician did say that there is a difference in the vegetables that are low fodmap in Australia and the UK due to their different growing conditions and I was wondering if anyone knew if this was the case with sweet potato? Or if anyone has been given information by the NHS that says that sweet potato is safe to eat?


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According to my list you can have 3 tablespoons of sweet potato a day. I'm on the Low FODMAP too 4 weeks in and doing great!


It doesn't bother me at all.


Sweet potato is the only thing I can eat without any symptoms. Plus it's yummy!

I get the pink skinned that has white inside.


Hi Dotty 423 , I have been doing FodMap for some time now on my own due to see my NHS dietician soon to start me Officially ! I have eaten sweet potato but depending on how my gut is I may not eat the skin and I am ok but then there are times I eat the skin and I can have problems



I did alot of reading on low fodmap foods and sweet potatoes are allowed. They are robanly one of the best foods out there. The only discrepancy i have found is with corn some say yes and some say no. Hope this helps


What is anyone's input on beverages? Besides water.. Is carbonated water bad?


Thanks guys, that’s reassuring!

Dotty is your list from the NHS?

Angbri it’s advisable to limit fizzy drinks as they cause bloating. It’s also advisable to limit caffeine. Patsy Catsos says 8 fl.oz of black coffee per day is allowed, as is 12 fl.oz. sucrose sweetened soft drinks, tea (black, green, ginger, peppermint & chamomile), almond milk and rice milk (if not sweetened with high fodmap sweeteners). My NHS leaflet says soya and oat milk are also allowed (but again check for high fodmap ingredients) and 2-3 units of alcohol per day for the ladies, 3-4 for the men.


hi my son age 15 got ibs. absolute agony. cut out some food eg bake beans and brocolli and now only get pain 2 times a week. whats fodmap and should he go low or high? where can i get a copy or can you email what you got? any help would be much appreciated. also found that the cold have huge effect that he get sent home from school or could be some food he ate and not told me about


The best sources of information for FODMAPs are as follows:

a) the smartphone app available for download from Monash University - the diet was created there and the evaluation of different foods is ongoing.

b) Patsy Catsos's book 'IBS-Free At Last!' - best to buy the actual book rather than the download the Kindle version as it's easier to read charts etc. She’s also just published a recipe book: ‘Flavour without FODMAPs’ which I haven’t yet seen, but it sounds pretty comprehensive.

c) Sue Shepherd and Peter Gibson's book 'The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan For Managing IBS And Other Digestive Disorders'. Sue Shepherd developed the diet at Monash so you can't really go wrong.

The NHS has now got behind this diet, and you should be able to get a referral from your GP to see a dietitian although I didn't find its guidelines either as strict or as good as Monash's - very watered-down, in fact.

I started the diet about 2 years ago using just the Monash app and Patsy Catsos’s first book (the Sue Shepherd one has only recently been published) and found that all other information on the web was misleading, outdated and frequently wrong, so I strongly advise you just to stick with the above.


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