Feeling really down and unwell

I have been on the Fodmap diet now for just over 2wks hoping to feel better after about 4wks.But I have just realised I have been having Alpro yoghurt and it contains ,glucose ,and fructose ,so I have probley set myself back.It has really upset me as I thought I was on the road to recovery after 12yrs of suffering .sorry for the moan.

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  • Hi. Plain Alpro is OK - have you been having the fruit ones? Have Lactofree it's lovely!!

  • Try plain cocnut yoghurt made by a company called coyo if you can find it .delicious

  • Dont apologise for moaning, its so frustrating trying to sort it all out, you think you have it right then find something else to react to. Lactose free with a little honey is nice. wishing you well.

  • Honey isn't low FODMAP though

  • just a little in the yoghurt seems better than any fruit yoghftrurt with fructose

  • denvajade I'm sorry to say 246bindy is right honey isn't low Fodmap but thank you for your reply x

  • You will have to be careful as you may be intolerant of lactose - if so you will also have to check the ingredients of tablet medication as Imodium and Ibuprofen contain lactose

  • Yes dotty432 I have been having the fruit ones I'm really annoyed at myself .But I will try plan Alpro and the lactose free ones.Also denvajade thank you for being so kind about my moaning.Huston coconut yoghurt sounds nice.I will just have to start again and be more careful.Thank you for all your replies it does help to think your not alone,though if I could wave a magic wand you would all be better.x

  • There are ups and downs on the road to recovery. I've had many of them. I now try to be more positive about it and take it as a learning experience. If at first you don't suceed try and try again! Mind you, there are also times when I despair thinking that I had learnt my lesson. At the moment I am emotionally pretty strong so set backs are taken with a pinch of salt. The main thing is...did you find it adversely affected you having the yoghurt? If not then don't worry, if so then you knwo not to have it again! We're all different and one size doesn't fit all. Take care

  • Thank you I agree with you about keeping positive,but when you make silly mistakes it brings me down,and I in turn upset my husband because he can't help me.Gosh it is so debilitating ,yet not harmful.

  • Another thing to think about is that some people can't tolerate soya

  • I no I'm alright with soya as I have had soya milk for a long time.but thinking about it you may be right .Something to think about

  • It's so tough and frustrating I agree....have you been to a FODMAPS group as I'm wondering if these help?

  • No I've never heard of a Fodmap group.Ijust see a dietician .

  • You could try asking your dietician next time you see her. There is one at my local hospital run by the FODMAPS dietician. I'm going to my first meeting in a couple of weeks so I'm not sure whether they are any good

  • Yes, live and learn. Read labels. Arg! Some 'safe' foods on the list give me pain and some 'unsafe' foods give me little discomfort. So take it day by day. It works but we're all a little different. No such thing as a setback, really :D

  • It took a while 3 months to get a grip on this diet. I have IBS 95% under control for almost a year now using FODMAPS diet. I would recommend it to everyone with bowel issues. BUT 1. help yourself by having a few test done before you start it will save you time (for fructose malabsorption test is called a Hydrogen Breath Test)(for celiac disease)but since you have already started these tests are only good before the elimination diet 2 The Monash University developed the FODMAPs diet and have an easy to use phone app and much material (that can be found online for free if you look a little)3 the elimination phase is very important but needs to be only 2 weeks then start adding 1 food group 1 time a week to see if there are symptoms. what I didn't know is if a food is going to bother you you will know 2-4 hours after eating and if a food bothers you the effects could last 4 days (cramping, bloating,constipation, diarrhea, etc) HINT I found it easier during the elimination to stick to a simple plain meat (beef, chicken, pork no spices except pepper and salt) unprocessed plain white or rice,fresh green beans maybe with a little pure butter with no additives. eating this for every meal every snack in any way shape or form for 4 days gave me the best clean slate and I had no IBS symptoms. good luck! this was the best thing to help in 15 years and now I know exactly what I can eat and how much (Portion is as important later as which foods are tolerable now)

  • I have the same Problem with Alpro, alpro plain is fine, also try the unsweetened alpro milk and it helps a lot

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