Worst getting rid SIBO

I have had IBS for 10 years and after going to doctors on and off got nowhere. I recently talked to an nutrinalist and tested for Candida and SIBO. 

The Candida test came back negative but the SIBO test came back positive.

I was then put on a FODMAP diet and Orageno Oil as a antibiotic.

Just under 2 weeks later are worst than when I started, bloating, stomach ache, nausea. 

So come off the pills to see if reaction to them. 

Anybody else had issues with this, not sure I have SIBO anymore.

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  • Some people have a hard time with the "die off stage" stay with it for the 30 days. Are you doing more than the Oregano? Such as Allyson & berberine that all combined make up the antibiotic. Or if you can afford the Xiaifin (sp) dr prescription.  You need to get on probiotic asap! Lactoprime plus 25billion by Klairlabs is awesome!  Stay on your low fodmap diet. Unfortunately I have personally killed off Sibo but seems it likes to return :/ when it does I go back on the natural antibiotics. Wishing you the best, some people turn this around & function back to normal :) 

  • I was given two antibiotics one of which I had to come off (Flagyl, which came under a different name) as I could not bear it.

  • Hi Salti what were your symptoms in the antibiotics?

    How long did it take you to recover?

  • I have taken Flagyl before when I had giardia and it just made me feel so ill.   I did not realise that one of the antibiotics my gastro gave me for the SIBO was flagyl as it came under a different name.    I was feeling very ill and then I was feeling far worse and looked at the leaflet to find it was flagyl so my lovely gastroenterologist said just stay with the one (cannot remember what it was).    Took it for 2 weeks and felt so much better after.   My IBS is still with me but I try to manage that with the FODMAP diet.

  • Two years ago I had a 9 day course of Metronodizol (Flagyl)  for dental infection, followed closely by Cefalexin and then a short 3 day course of Azithromycin for chest infection. I noticed at the time my IBS bloating was greatly improved also bowel regularity. Hadn't heard of SIBO then and Dr didn't know. Flagyl alone doesn't help as had it many times from dentist. Maybe one of the other two was the one you couldn't remember, be interested to know. My bloating and pain IBSc are as bad as ever and just wishing I could take the antibiotics again. 

  • My nutrinalist had me on just Orageno. I stopped this  4 days ago to see if it was that making me worst. 

    I am not taking anything else no probiotics yet.

    I was on immune Forty, Magnesium Citrate & Multi Vitamin.

    What concerned me was I was on an anti Candida diet for 3 weeks prior before my test results came back and felt fine until started taking these pills now after 2 weeks I am worst then I have ever been.

    When do the die off systoms start, I have been told about 3 days in and should only last a few days.

    I should have gone to doctors and got some antibiotic probably would have felt better.

    Have you experienced die off before?

    Thanks for the reply.

  • I can tell you, I had super high levels of Sibo & my die off stage was pretty bad the 1st round, pretty much didn't feel good the whole month. Personally though I would check into more than just oregano.. In all my visits it's always more protocol than that. & with what I took, I retested & Sibo was all gone.  But of course I'm not a doctor! Lol  I have relapsed many times. I just go & order my protocol & I start feeling better for while. Canda clear worked pretty well too for the Sibo too. Keep in mind that has probiotic in it. I would highly suggest the lactoprime plus for right now. I have overly sensitive stomach to everything. Can't even take vitamins. & lactoprime is great & no side effect & helps things a lot in my opinion.  Also have you tried anything to build stomach acid? 

  • Also if you did good on Candia diet you can kill off Sibo that way too.. You have to be extra super strict & can take little longer.. But if you feel better that way, give it a try! 

  • Are you in the UK as Klarelabs appears to be USA. Do you get Lactoprime through a practitioner?

  • You can actually get on Amazon :) 

  • It will come with a cold pack, it does need to be refrigerated. I take 2 twice a day 

  • Hi Sykesit

    I have a bloated stomach and nausea , but my question is can you tell me what Sibo is ?  Sunnycot

  • SIBO is a bacteria overgrowth in the small intestine.

  • SIBO = Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.

  • So a would a colonoscopy  would pick this up ? Sunnycot

  • I wouldn't think so.

    I did a breath test to detect it.

  • No, it has to be the breath test.    I had every test and it was the breath test that found the small intestine bacterial overgrowth.

  • Hi Salti, did you have bloating/symptoms at the time you took the test?  I had the breath test at a point where I was clear of symptoms (antibiotics totally removes the persistent bloating, as is stays up until taken down with antibiotics... managed with herbal ones and probiotics at all times) and it showed nothing.  I could not see the point when all signs/symptoms were well managed.

  • I don't know if SIBO is related to my IBS problems.   I had and still have IBS but the SIBO was giving me stomach ache and feeling generally very ill.

  • I'm sure I have sibo ,I have just started taking wild oregano capsules im starting with 1a day ,does anyone know how many i should increase to? ive also purchased grapfruitseed oil capsules but should i take them at same time has oregano? I would be grateful for any advice,Thank you x

  • Sorry. But can i know whats your progress by now?

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