Just joined! Im here to help!

Hi! D here!

Male. Now over 40. Diagnosed with IBS in 2000.

Had probably had a few episodes before this but was then unbeknown to me.

Tried many drugs, anti-spasmodics, chinese medicine, acupuncture, CBT and probiotics.

Ask me if you want advice from my experience. Ive worked in Bioscience for 12 years (no, im not a doctor), but it gave me access to research, journals and stuff so I read a lot in that time!

I treat mine now mostly by life style changes and diet (sometimes) and with a few pills now and then as i feel i need them. (Buscopan, probiotics).

Im here to look into new drugs. There is evidence that probiotic *cocktails* may help as well as VitD supplements.

I avoid fiber and raw food (fruit fish veg). I eat a lot or carbs and that is a safe food for me. I still drink tea ok and alcohol...well the next day after alcohol is hell...and Ive recently found that anti-diarrhoea pills fix that! Im looking into the safety and efficacy of these long-term.



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  • Im looking into the safety and efficacy of these long-term.

    - by that I do not mean Tea and booze lol

    - anti-diarrhoeal pills!

  • Welcome!

  • probiotics are good for ibs but I use only all natural, safe and gentle probiotics that are proven to help, If there be any problem with the supplements the company I deal with will return your money no questions asked, I also get paid to use them as well,

  • Which probiotics do you use?

  • Has anyone here tried symprove? I'm thinking about giving it a try?

  • Yes.hope it helps you.unfortunatly didnt do anything fir me.x

  • No I take VSL#3. Does anyone take this probiotic?

  • Its popular among GI's a naturopaths in the states. I have not yet tried it.

  • Has anyone tried L Glutomine with probiotics? That is what I am trying next. I don't think food is always the trigger for me...

  • Good to have your expertise! I'm taking prochlorperazine for nausea at the moment and that seems to be keeping things quite calm. Any thoughts on this drug?

  • I dont have nausea as a symptom so not taking anything for that! Is that something you have regularly?

  • The nausea seems to have started a month or so ago. I put it down to ibs.

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