I'm new here ,post opp worries !

Had a radical prostatectomy on 15/12 2016 , just over 4 week ago , psa was 5.9 and glesson was 9 = 5+4 , bone scan clear , 2 out of 14 lymph nodes were cancerous and cancer was breaking out of prostate just touching my bladder , so now my consultant has depending on results of blood test in two months said i might need radio therapy to clear any remaning poss cancer cells !, so has anyone had this after a radical prostatectomy ? thanks in advance -john

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  • It is becoming more common to under secondary treatment for mildly metathizied cancers after surgery. Had surgery last April where they also took out 14 lymph nodes (one "100%" cancer), went on Lupron last June (plan is for two years hormonal treatment) and finished 38 rounds of radiation last October. So far my PSA is <0.1.

    I have heard of some people getting the trifecta of Chemo, radiation and hormonal therapy as secondary treatments. The thought is to hit it hard.

  • Many men have had radiation after prostatectomy. Including me! (I had PSA 8, Gleason 10, nine years ago). Takes 3 months to measure postoperative PSA. Since cancer evidently escaped the prostate "positive margins" you'll likely follow up with some targeted radiation. It's painless treatment, your likely next step.

  • Yep, what the other gents said. I too had RP a year ago, and then follow-up radiation a few months after healing. My team suggested that the level of incontinence that you go into radiation therapy with is likely what you will be stuck with, so they really wanted me to have control over my continence before we started. Luckily, I didn't have as much problem as some guys do in that regard. So work on your kegels diligently. :) Also, the radiation team wants your bladder full when you arrive for radiation and then it might be 15 or 20 minutes before your treatment is done, so that could be another reason for wanting you continent. The treatments themselves are not difficult at all. Some guys do suffer some side effects though so not everyone will say that it was smooth sailing. It was for me though. And so far, PSA is under 0.05. I hope it continues.

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