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Exercise Names?

I'm alternating the strength & flex with c25k (but still only on week 1 with both).

I'm also trying to track my activity with my food intake using fitocracy and livestrong's dailyplate. I'm hoping that using those sites, coupled with this community it will help to motivate me.

One issue that I'm having at the moment is entering the exercises. The pull-up in week 1 is definitely nowhere near as difficult as a "proper" pull-up... but does this exercise have a formal name? (e.g. I found the standing push up under "Wall push-up")

I guess at the moment, I'll just log it as a "pull-up" but with a quarter of the reps... and with a lot of the stretches, I can log them under the generic "stretching" activity...

No doubt I will be back if I have trouble tracking anything else :P

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Hi Wibbley. The pull-up is also referred to as a 'row'. We used the word pull-up thinking it would be easier to visualise. Hope this helps!


Ah... thanks for that, I've found a roughly equivalent exercise named "Body Weight Ring Row".

I kind of agree though, "pull-up" is a little more descriptive than "row"...


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