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Does anyone track the calories (or kilojoules) burned when doing the Strength and Flex?

I'm doing the Strength and Flex programme, and also tracking my food intake and calories burned, so I know that my energy out is exceeding my energy in, and therefore I should lose weight. But I don't know how to work out what the calories burned for this programme are.

Can anyone help, please?

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Hi justjoyful,

Your weight, effort and duration of exercise all count towards working out the number of calories burned. I use the 'calories per hour' website which I've found to be quite accurate.

This link takes you to the "Calories Burned Calculator" section. Just click on "Activity calculator". Enter the required information and search for "Calistenics light or moderate" in the A-Z activity list. I think calisthenics comes closest to the type of exercises in the Strength and Flex series.

Using this website, I work out that an 80kg person would burn 163 calories in 35mins doing podcast one.

Hope this helps


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