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alternative to squats

Is there an alternative to squats that would help strengthen my knees?

I'm on week2 of the program but I cant do the squats without hurting my knees - I could just about manage the W1 squats but my knees were quite sore afterwards. Years ago I had to give up running cos of knee injury and dont want the same to happen just as Ive got into running again & loving it!

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Hi Jenniej,

Avoid going too low when doing the squat. Go down as low as feels comfortable and BEFORE you feel any pain. You don't have to do a full squat to get the benefits. Squats are an excellent exercise to strengthen the muscles around your knees - so try to stick with them. By the end of the plan, you'll find them easier to perform, a sign that your legs and knees are getting stronger.

Good luck and keep the questions coming!


thanks for the answer. I'll keep trying - I'm really enjoying the exercises, its a great program.


Lunges can also work, but as the editor said, you should just do the squats in a way that is comfortable and they shouldn't cause any pain.


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