Going to give it a go!

Have completed C25k, got injured and started again. Was reading a blog post about strength and flex on that community so I've decided to give this a go. Hopefully it will strengthen my muscles and help avoid further injury.

Have to say I haven't look at the programme yet. Hoping it's not too hard! Better go and have a look. I'll let you know how I get on.

Viki :-)

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  • here I am!

  • Hi Delia

    Hope everything going well for you. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences on here. Will keep you posted on mine.

    Viki :-)

  • Go for it! C25K is a brilliant aerobic programme :-D, so I'm hoping Laura will repeat her magic here with regards to strength and flexibility... two quite different matters.

    And let's bring some life to this blog to inspire more people to take part. :-)

  • Hopefully this forum can become as popular as C25k. I love reading the experiences of others and sharing my ups and downs. Knowing there are others doing what we are doing seems to really help.

    Viki :-)

  • Sooooo true. Very motivating.

    Have fun! :D

  • Hope you find the s and f ok. It took a bit of getting used to for me, but once familiar I find it really easy, with ideas later on to make it more challenging (if you wish!). I also use the stretches after the c25k runs and sometimes the warm up exercises just when I need to warm up! (literally)

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