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Podacst 2

So I bumped on to podcast 2 this morning. I did wonder as I left the house whether I would come to regret it as my arms were a bit achey after swimming last night. It was lovely and comforting to hear Lauras smooth voice though easing me into the day. It was still semi dark when I set out. The bunnies in the park barely gave me a look. I think they were more surprised than me at being up at that time.

The pace of the 2nd podcast suited me much better today. I even felt some of the exercises pushed me out of my comfort zone for which I grateful because it was darn cold out there. If I'm going to keep these exercises up out in the park I'm going to need some additional layers, starting with a hat :-)

I read an artcle in a magazine this week that said the first 1/2hr of the morning set the rudder for the whole day. Well my rudder is set and I feel pretty darn good.

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That's great AnnaDJ! One of the good things about darker and colder days (if there are any!) is that there are less people in the park and you can put more layers on (including a beanie) and feel less conspicuous. But I agree, exercising in the morning is sooooo invirgorating!


...and you need gloves to cope with the spiders on the railings - not a nice feeling having a spider run over your hand in the middle of an exercise!


ucky.. ;-0


Eugh! Fortunately they don't bite?


I wish I was a morning person! I like exercising straight from work to help me switch off from the stresses of the day and come home relaxed, happy and envigorated. The world would be a boring place if we were all the same though. Week 2 sounds good, spiders on the railings don't...


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