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I'm new : does Tai Chi count towards the 150 minutes?

Hi there. I'm new here but not new to trying to do the NHS recommended 150 minutes a week. I'm trying to do a combination of walking, running and youtube HIT videos with weights. I just wanted to know if the one hour a week I do at a Tai Chi class actually counts for any of the 150 minutes because although I really enjoy it, it's not cardio vascular or increasing my strength (or maybe it is the latter, I don't know)


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I think anything involving using muscles is beneficial, Pilates, yoga or tai chi 😊 If it counts towards the 150 minutes I don't know, is this supposed to be cardio? Maybe someone else can help? I think a variety is beneficial 😊


I am with Anna61 re yoga and Tai Chi, if you are doing the. Properly, you are building your core strength and stretching your muscles which is very important.


Thanks. I guess it doesn't count towards the 150 minutes but it's still worth doing then.


A few years ago I worked in Rotherham and there used to be a twice weekly class in the Arts centre of Tai Chi for people with cardiology issues. This was supported by the local hospital who referred patients to it. As Tai Chi is an all body work out with low impact I am sure it will qualify


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