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Advice please

I have just started on C25k and am on week one with just day 3 to complete. I am 63 and my exercise up until now has just consisted of walking my dog 3 times a day. I would like to do the Strength and Flex programme, but wondered if I should wait until I hopefully complete C25k or do the Strength and Flex on alternate days to C25K. I am focusing on a calorie controlled healthy eating plan at the same time, I am retired so I do have the time but perhaps I may be aiming to do too much at once. I bought some 0.5k weights and a resistance band to re create some routines I did when I had physio a few years ago after a badly broken hummerus, as I still suffer with some discomfort in my shoulder. Any advce would be welcome

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Hi Barbara.

The two programmes combine really well and doing them on alternate days is a great idea - the kneebends and squats of S&F will help you stay injury-free running C25k.

Best of luck.

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Hi, Thank you for your advice. I have just one day to do to finish week 1 of C25k, I think I will do the strength and flex as I am finding my joints really ache in the mornings, plus I may be able to do a bit more than a jog if I improve my S & F . Thank you,


See how you go - somewhere on the NHS website there is a schedule precisely for the purpose of doing the NHS C25K and NHS Strength and Flexibility over the same time period.

It might be that it proves a little bit much for you so that you need to back off a bit on the S&F until you've graduated from C25K (I'd say prioritise the running) but so long as you go at both gently, there's no downside to giving it a go. As you say, doing the strength and flexibility stuff may help loosen things up. You could also check out your shoes, your surfaces and your speed for the running so that it is that bit gentler on your body - sounds as though whatever you feel at the moment, you may be going a bit fast.


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Thank you for your advice, I haven't started the Strength and Flex yet, but Before the run I am doing some stretching exercises which really seem to help. I also went to a sports shop yesterday and got some decent trainers and wow what a difference they make. As well as the three runs a week I regularly take my dog out 3 times a day walking, on a walk this evening I found myself very gentle jogging a little interspersed with walking . I am also doing the 12 week NHS weight loss programme. Being 63 I know I must take it easy, and honestly my runs are only jogs and very gentle jogs at that, but I am moving which is the main thing. Start week 2 tomorrow, I hope I feel as positive this time next week


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